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User Info: atmasabr

2 years ago#1
Wow, that's a tough one.

I don't think any of the guides go into that much detail. I mean I mostly know, but not the exact cutoff points. It's hard to find Youtube videos of the PS1 version, too (the ones I found don't last long...)

From what I remember, the times when new equipment become available in normal shops are:

Mid-chapter 1
Mid-chapter 2 (possibly beginning Chapter 2)
Chapter 3

Also each chapter up to Chapter 3, a new rank of Cure and Magi healing items becomes available in normal shops. I think I remember the equipment updates and restorative item updates being timed differently in Chapter 2.

There is also a Special Shop, but that's in the FAQs.

It's possible I'm separating the first two upgrades when there's only one, but I doubt it.

The stuff that eventually gets sold in normal shops and when I remember them being available:


Mini (Dagger)--Start
Balder (Dagger)--Chapter 3
Balder (Sword)--Chapter 3


Phlanka--Mid-chapter 1
Balder--Chapter 3


Spear--Mid-Chapter 1
Slender--Mid-Chapter 2
Balder--Chapter 3


Heavy--I'm not sure if Mid Ch1 or Mid Ch2.


Matou--Chapter 3 (This makes it a very important enemy drop item in the earlier chapters)


Balder--Chapter 3


Great--Mid-Chapter 2
Balder--Chapter 3


Crossbow--Mid-Chapter 2
Gemini--Chapter 3

Body Armor

Chain--Mid-Chapter 2
Baldur--Chapter 3


Baldur--Chapter 3


Leather--I don't remember
Baldur--Chapter 3


Battle--I don't remember


Baldur--Chapter 3


Power--Mid-Chapter 2 (I think)
Baldur--Chapter 3


Magic--I don't remember
Baldur--I don't remember (Chapter 3?)

Every other type of armor or weapon in the game is either unique or rare, although some stuff like boots are common on enemies.

I'll get to spells later.
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User Info: atmasabr

2 years ago#2
For spells I think it goes like this:

Start: Fireburn, Acid, Iceblast, Ion Shot

Mid-Chapter 1: Zoshonell, Bartha, Gurza, Hahnela, Heal, Incubus

Chapter 2: Stun, Poison, Clear, Vitalize, Heal+, Charm, Thunder, Storm, Lightbow, Pain

Chapter 3: Melt, Heat, Jump, SlowMove, HealRain, Quick, Meteor, Acid Rain, Charge

HealAll and Paradign are purchasable as well, but I forgot when.

The other spells are rare or unique.
Do your own research!

User Info: bookwormbabe29

2 years ago#3
Very kind of you! A few months too late to assist me, but it's good to know the information is around for whoever needs it. And who knows, I often find myself googling questions only to find posts of mine from years back, of me asking the question the last time I played the game lol. It's possible I'll see this in 2-3 years when I replay the game next. Who knows? Anywho, I do appreciate the time. Thank you kindly!
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User Info: atmasabr

2 years ago#4
:P Didn't put it down, did you? Good to know.
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