Glitches in SNES english patch making Hell Gate hell

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User Info: brian-oblivion

1 year ago#1
I decided to post this here rather than in the SNES version board because that is even more dead. I hope others are still enjoying this game, its definitely my favorite game ever made. My post is a warning to proceed in the Hell Gate with caution if you're playing the English Patch on a SNES cartridge.

Long story short I used to own the PS version a decade ago and sadly sold it along with my Playstation. I saw a SNES catridge of the English Patch Rom Hack on Ebay and bought it a month ago to play on my Super Nintendo. I am well into Chapter 4, just before Eden and I had experienced no glitches, aside from some minor temporary graphical glitches in the menu screen.

So I decided to go into Hell Gate. The problem with not playing the SNES English Patch on an emulator (as most of you probably are) is THERE IS NO PERMANENT IN-BATTLE SAVE! You of course have a safe permanent save on the map screen, so if something goes wrong in a battle you can reload to the map screen. However, in the 100 level Hell Gate (as any battle), your save is temporary in that when you load it up back it automatically erases itself.

So if you're at level 56 in the Hell Gate and something goes wrong... its back to the beginning and all your progress in the Hell Gate is lost. So I'll describe my glitch that occurred in level 56 that made me have to start over: the enemy skeleton is supposed to move but the game is stuck in the interrupt screen and the computer will not take its turn (even as I click "end"). The game also mistakenly believes there are 18 characters not 17 on the screen, the phantom 3rd in line to move is apparently far off the map in the blackness. Anyway I had to start over... all the loot I got gone.

So I made a second attempt, I decided to not get so greedy and try and get to level 25 and then leave before something went wrong. I wanted to score some good loot and the starion spell. I managed this, retreated and saved on the map! So all was not lost.

I made a third attempt this morning and I made it to Level 6 and I had another glitch: Denium uses charge on the first turn to give Haborym enough MP for petrify (this has been my general strategy as I can generally petrify most enemies before they have a chance to move). For some reason charge just kills Denuim and I get GAME OVER. Damn, at least it was Level 6 and not 96.

I am very disappointed that I can't reach the depths of the Hell Gate. I put together a beautiful team and there's so much treasure to be had! But I am quitting while I'm ahead, at least I got some cool stuff on my partial run and saved that.

So I'm off to Eden and I'm ready to kick some Lodis ass. Hell Gate be damned.
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  3. Glitches in SNES english patch making Hell Gate hell

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