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User Info: Janitor

4 years ago#1
Years ago I posted a thread on my other account saying that female classes weren't as good as male classes: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/198881-tactics-ogre/61436139

My perspective has changed a bit since then, but I still agree with it for the most part.

First of all, the game allows you to increase every stat except for Agility. In my mind, that makes Agility the most important stat. If we assume that the game is being played with a code that only allows Luck cards to drop, and eliminates items like burger, that balances things significantly. So I'm going to attempt to look at the game from that perspective.

Basic Female Classes:
Amazon - Better than Soldier, but who cares? Neither Amazon nor Soldier is a class that you'll ever legitimately want to use for more than a level or two.
Cleric - Only slightly easier to qualify for than Exorcist, worse stats than Exorcist, legitimately a much better healer than any male character though.
Witch - Pretty much only good until Swordmaster or Lich is available.
Archer - Pretty much worse than a Ninja in every way except favored weapon and physical resistance.

Advanced Female Classes:
Priest - This isn't really better than Cleric, in spite of being harder to qualify for.
Valkyrie - If you're using her for melee, a knight has better stats. If you're using her for magic, a Wizard has better stats and better spells. Valkyrie basically is an Advanced class that struggles to keep up with male Basic classes. The only thing she does that no male class can is use spear as a favored weapon.
Siren - A single point better Intelligence than Wizard, and a single point more MP. Inferior stats in all other ways. Granted, that means she has the highest Int of all Generic classes, but not by much. Again, this is an Advanced class that struggles to keep up with a male Basic class.
Dragon Tamer - A joke.

Other Female Classes:
Angel Knight - Granted, better than any male class in several ways.

To sum up, Cleric and Archer are decent uses of generic females. Angel Knights are best recruited from Branta. You'll get far more women forced into your party than you can use -- even assuming that you dismiss all of Ronway's women.
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User Info: TopperCop

4 years ago#2
Priest can use 5 spells: Heal, Vitalize, HealAll, LightBow, Revivify.

Now a lot of classes can use Heal so there isn't really a need to specifically put it on a Priest. LightBow is for killing, and increasing kill count will make it impossible for a Priest to class change back into that class if she were to train in a different class. It's also requires the Priest to be within 7 panels from her target enemy, which puts her in danger if the enemy in question has a ranged attack.

That just leave 3 spells for her spell slots: Vitalize, HealAll, Revivify. Note that none of those three spells actually utilize the magic power of the Priest.

So when I want to make a Priest, she gets straight Amazon levels. Not one level, not two, but all of it. This gives her much better defense and evasion at the cost of sacrificing magic power that she has no use for.

Cleric uses Vitalize and Heal+. This alone guarantees her place in the attack team. Your Exorcist can't heal Sisteena from her poison status ailment, can he?

Witch & Archer should be two sides of the same coin. Level up as Archer and she will be very accurate with status spells. Your Sword Master need someone else to give him MP so that he can cast Petrify, but an Archer raised Witch? She can supply her own MP while still being accurate with the immobilizing spells.

User Info: TopperCop

4 years ago#3
The problem with Valkyrie or Dragon Tamer isn't stat based, but rather elemental. Wind and Fire Valkyries or Dragon Tamers are A LOT more useful than Water or Earth ones, because the latter two have to use the MP intensive AcidRain or Meteor and can't cast every turn because MP regeneration is not enough.

Thus only Sisteena and Selye make for good Valkyrie/Dragon Tamer. Trying to raise generics into those classes is a waste of time. Of course, neither of them join you in the Lawful route so just don't bother with those if that's indeed the case.

The point of using Siren instead of Wizard is that she can be Lawful. Ever wonder what exactly you should do about the many Priests (Orias, Apsala, Ovelia) the game give you, when they don't function as good as one raised from straight Amazon levels? Yup, turn them into Sirens. Heck they have better HP than straight Sirens.

User Info: TopperCop

4 years ago#4
With regards to Wizards. I almost never use one. The Ghosts you can persuade in Krizar and Fort Kadoriga are superior in practically every way (warp+float movement, undead revival, decoy ability)
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