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User Info: Nenjii

3 years ago#1
So as the title states, I am doing that.

I have played through the game so much, without plan, that this time I want to make sure all of my classes, levels, alignment on every character, and element match how I want to use it.

In the past I used to just deal with the card I was dealt, but not this time!

So I have planned one of the most effective groups I have ever had, let's see how you like it!

I am going for a stunner party with insane speed. So I want 2 stunners...so I am going to keep Haborym, soon as he joins, make him a ninja, and make Denim a stunner with full Ninja levels, all the way 4-50.

And one Terrorknight should do it.

So here's my plans for my final party:

1)Denim - Level 50 Swordmaster Lawful Fire

2)Haborym - Level 50 Swordmaster

3)Guildus - Level 50 White Knight

4)Mildain (same deal)

5)Kaucha (main healer).

6)Earth Terrorknight

7)Radlum or another warlock for magic transfer/paradigm.

8)Angel Knight for support magic, full archer levels.

9)Backup healer/rezer.

10)Archer with all archer levels same element as an elemental bow.

I only forsee issues in Hells Gate. And honestly, the only things I fear in there, are the Fairies casting their bolts. They are so fast.

So I will have 2 stunners, hopefully faster than them, to stun them before their turn. They like to gang up on the same person and get a guarunteed kill, as well as be the stunners/frontline men to take some hits. Also I can use paradigm on both my stunners, to stun 4 enemies instantly, to lighten the load on my healers.

Since all ninja levels, they will be squishy, and very vulnerable to archers or anything with good accuracy, so I will be feeding them STR and VIT cards, and try to max luck.
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