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User Info: 1337drakken

4 years ago#1
Was wondering if you guys can refreshen my memory as I trying to search for it, but could not find the answer.

I remember playing this version when I was really young and getting the 4 sisters. I could have sworn when the sisters become a shaman, they can cast a unique spell if chosen by all 4. Was that a thing? Or was i just really young that i'm possibly confusing it with another game? Because i can remember it really well, casting that magic spell in one of the floors of the dungeon.

Was just wondering because im currently playing the psp version and about to level up the shaman class.
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User Info: Aadrauni Maru

Aadrauni Maru
4 years ago#2
Yes, there are forbidden magic spells in this version.

If you're asking if they had a special skill for being a shaman beyond forbidden magic, then also yes. They had the pray skill that tied to their element. The pray skills worked just like "goddess" support spells where it would raise the power of an element while weakening it's opposite.

The PSP version has equivalents to both, but they're not quite the same in both cases.
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User Info: ZoqFotPik

4 years ago#3
I thought the "Pray" spells were a more broken form of the Goddess spells -- they would only raise the power of their own element without lowering the power of the opposing.

But other than the expanded magic selection, Sisteena and Seiryu get up-ended from their Amazon/Valkyrie roots. The "shaman" class, while between an Amazon (physical) and a Cleric (magical), still leans toward the magical side. It's might be an improvement for Shelly and Olivia (from their Siren/Priest jobs); they trade a spell slot for added HP.
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