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User Info: BaldwinGlendale

4 years ago#1
After a few years, I'm back with this amazing game and I wanted to use the cheat codes to have some fun. I recruited a generic soldier, named him Lans, and gave him the appearance and the class of the mighty Lans Hamilton.

But whenever I try to take him in training or in battle, he's totally trolling "no thx I'm good bro"

How do I overcome this ? Do I have to change his class or his appearance ? I'm not sure which one gives the stats growths, but I'd like the closest unit possible to the real Lans in my party.
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User Info: BaldwinGlendale

4 years ago#2
Ok, I've run a few tests.

As soon as I let him his appareance, he's acting as a guest so he won't join me in training or in battle.

I've managed to find a way to get him though : deactivate the appearance whenever I can select my Attack team, put the Lans soldier in there, then reactivate the code.

Still a pain in the ass, but at least he's there.
3DS FC : 0533 - 4744 - 7097

User Info: ZekuMusashi

4 years ago#3
Maybe this'll help, from

Gameshark Codes?

And here's my personal favorite (I hacked it myself), a code to unrestrict the various story characters that joins you as guests. This allows you to take guests into training and random battles, and if you shark in characters like Lancelot Hamilton or Vice or the White Knights early in the game they will work properly. One note: Never deploy guests manually in a story battle. It causes bad effects. They will come along automatically like usual, so let 'em be.

301431E1 0001

Another very useful little code I've hacked might be handy for your purposes... This changes the character you recruit when you get a soldier from the shop. Just plug in the class value and you will get whoever holds that class. The special thing about this code is that when you use to recruit say, Lancelot Tartare (digits 41), he'll come with his own correct base stats- the values that the AI tartare has at level 1 before he's leveled up to 28 to fight you- this includes his high LUK.

300E74C0 00??
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User Info: ZekuMusashi

4 years ago#4
[split post because character limit]

-Character Identifiers-

00 Nothing
01 Soldier
02 Knight
03 Berzerker
04 Terror Knight
05 Sword Master
06 Dragoon
07 Ninja
08 Beast Tamer
09 Wizard
0A Warlock
0B Exorcist
0C Lich
0D Gunner
0E Amazon
0F Valkyrie
10 Archer
11 Dragon Tamer
12 Siren
13 Witch
14 Cleric
15 Priest
16 Angel Knight
17 Faerie
18 Gremlin
19 Hawk Man
1A Lizard Man
1B Pumpkin Head
1C Skeleton
1D Ghost
1E Templar Knight
1F Thunder Dragon
20 Red Dragon
21 Earth Dragon
22 Blue Dragon
23 White Dragon
24 Holy Dragon
25 Black Dragon
26 Tiamat
27 Gryphon
28 Cockatrice
29 Octopus
2A Octopus?
2B Golem
2C Hydra
2D Cyclops
2E Gorgon
2F Goblin
30 Beast Master Gilbert
31 Sorceress Deneb
32 Soldier Denim 1
33 Lord Denim 2
34 Soldier (Neutral) Vice
35 High Priest Kachua 1
36 Dark Priest Kachua 2
37 Princess Kachua 3
38 Paladin Lans Hamilton
39 Lord Mancer Warren
3A Eagle Man Canopus
3B White Knight Mildain
3C White Knight Guildus
3D Shaman Sisteena
3E Shaman Selye
3F Shaman Shelley
40 Shaman Olivia
41 Death Templar Lans Tartare
42 Bishop Branta
43 Dark Element Dolgare
44 Temple Commando Balzepho
45 Temple Commando Barbas
46 Temple Commando Martym
47 Temple Commando Volac
48 Temple Commando Andoras
49 Temple Commando Ozma
4A Temple Commando Oz
4B Knight* Leonard
4C Amazon* Sisteena
4D Valkyrie* Selye
4E Siren* Shelley
4F Priest* Olivia
50 Exorcist* Presance
51 Sword Master Haborym
52 Knight* Forcas
53 Wizard* Byan
54 Archer* Aloser
55 Dragon Tamer* Oxyones
56 Dragoon* Jenounes
57 Berserker* Zapan
58 Terror Knight* Debordes
59 Priest* Orias
5A Warlock* Radlum
5B Sword Master* King Roderick
5C Knight* Zaebos
5D Necromancer Nybbas
5E Demon Belzbute
5F Venefik Falfadet
60 Searzist Vepar
61 Ninja* (Evil) Vice
62 Summoner Ramidos
63 Knight* (Good) Vice
64 Sorcerer Mordiart
65 Sorcerer Brutakox
66 Summoner Mutsua
67 Death Knight Leonard
68 Death Knight Zaebos
69 Death Knight Guildus
6A Lich Nybbas
6B Warrior (Good) Vice
6C Beast Tamer* Ganb
6D Guardian Holy Dragon
6E Guardian Golem
6F Guardian Gryphon
70 Guardian Tiamat
71 Gabiar Green/Gray Lizard Man
72 Relics Knight Gold Terror Knight
73 Dark Stalker Dark Ninja
74 Dark Dragon Dark Tiamat
75 Dark Eye Dark Giant
76 Dark Wing Dark Gryphon
77 Obinick Orange Gryphon
78 Iron Golem Gray Golem
79 Raven Man Black Hawk Man
7A Death Dragon Blue Holy Dragon
7B Lucifer Crow Blue Gryphon
7C Phoenix Red Gryphon
7D Salamander Orange Dragon
7E Fire Drake Orange Holy Dragon
7F Fire Brass Orange Tiamat
80 Ice Giant Blue Cyclops
81 Kraken Gray Octopus
82 Kraken Gray Octopus
83 Gargoyle Gray Tiamat
84 Lufu Orange Cockatrice
85 Basilisk Green Dragon
86 Succula White Hydra
87 Hippogriff Brown/Green Gryphon
88 Dragon Zombie Undead Tiamat
89 Death Hydra Undead Hydra
8A Death Giant Undead Cyclops
8B Zombie Undead Soldier
8C Zombie Undead Knight
8D Zombie Undead Berserker
8E Zombie Undead Wizard
8F Zombie Undead Amazon
90 Zombie Undead Archer
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User Info: ekamown

4 years ago#5
Lans Tartare...his sprite looks like Bacrum soldier while in menu.

I succeeded creating Lans Hamilton. His most stats, including his MP are WAY overpowered most characters...even surpass Lord Denim. Even when I have Denim equipped with two weapons in each hand. I have Lans equipped with Zenobia sword and a shield.

Btw his omit quote is just like generic human male character, depends of alignment. Unlike any other unique characters (Vice, Canopus, Mildain, etc) which has their own special quote when you try to omit them.

You can also use this trick as solution to recruit Pumpkin Heads if collecting 10 Pumpkins is too much for you. If you try to get Deneb with her special equipment. This works!
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