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User Info: KatanaSoul

4 years ago#1
Just a quick question. If you refuse Haborym's request to join at Fort Kadoriga, does that prevent you from fighting the battle later on in the game where he can join as well? I'm interested in the generics you get from the first battle, plus getting the Aqua hammer from the second battle. Thanks.

User Info: ekamown

4 years ago#2
No idea, since I never got him in Kadoriga. I got him later in Griate without even knowing that I can actually get him earlier in Kadoriga before heading straight to Ashton.

He DOES NOT in battle in Neutral route when you get him, unlike Law and Chaos route where you HAVE TO protect him as guest unit before you get him.

According to some guide I read, if you get him earlier, his loyalty will be very low. However, if you get him later, his loyalty will be normal like getting him in the other routes.
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