Preferred Weapons

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User Info: TopperCop

4 years ago#11
The only magician class with a preferred weapon is the Siren, who prefers the Galdia Fan.

User Info: ekamown

4 years ago#12
ZoqFotPik posted...
Angel Knights prefer spears? I thought they and the other demi-classes (outside of Lizards and Vultans) had no specific weapons? (Hawk Men, Faeries, Imps, Goblins, Skeletons, Cyclops, Giant...)

Actually wait, I think Medusas have affinity to Bows.

Also, I am unsure if magicians (and ghosts) have "affinity" with wands since they're terrible at attacking with them (physically).

I think it it is. Since Angel Knight swing her spear a bit before attacking, just like Valkyrie does.

Medusa? You mean Gorgon?
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