beginning questions... (continued)

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User Info: TopperCop

3 years ago#11
Ninja works best with Incubus (easier to put enemies to sleep than Wizard/Siren do) and, once you have it, Dark Law (higher hit rate due to AGI). As for Dragoons, since they work well with Fire Sword, I almost always have them in fire elemental and use Fireburn to burn grass to make treasure hunting easier.

User Info: ZekuMusashi

3 years ago#12
And Canopus, his element is always wind, right?


Btw characters with low magic power (Ninja, Dragoon), what spell I should equip it?
I bet it would be Incubus.

Incubus is great if you want to focus more on melee for damage, though I've found
Ninjas dual-wielding Staves to be quite potent in magic offense (maybe feed them some INT cards)
and having good accuracy for summons later on is pretty damn nifty;
they can be more than decent enough as "a more agile Wizard" in my experience.

Dragoons though are definitely physical-focused (yay Bows for ranged damage), so Incubus away.
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User Info: ekamown

3 years ago#13
I've been wondering, if I have a Dragoon equipped with dragonslayer weapon such as Fafniel or Fire Sword, are the "dragonslayer" effects from both class and weapon stack each others?
(i.e. deal much more damage to Dragon-type monsters compared to Dragoon without it or non-Dragoon with those weapon)
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User Info: bunalz3

3 years ago#14
Yes, I'm sure:
Dragoon w/ DS > Dragoon w/o DS = Non-Dragoon w/ DS > Non-Dragoon w/o DS
+3: Using preferred weapon
+8: Using weapon with Dragon Slayer effect
+8: Attacking with Anti-Dragon Class
+10: Using element-matching weapon

-5: Attacking Dragon/Lizardmen boosted with (enemy) Dragon Tamer. Stacking occurs according to the no. of Dragon Tamers within its range

By the way, I also think that Fire Sword is stronger than Fafniel (with or without User's elemental matching) due to the extra elemental damage (defender uses RES here), except against Fire Dragons/Lizardmens. Or are there element-mismatch penalty for equipments?
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User Info: TopperCop

3 years ago#15
Dragon Tamers (and stone of dragos) power up dragons, not Beast Tamers.

User Info: bunalz3

3 years ago#16
Ah, dammit! I somehow got it mixed up! LOL!

Wow, I didn't know I could edit after someone made a post. I thought it would have overridden the time-limit rule. Cool!

User Info: ZoqFotPik

3 years ago#17
Just making sure: Dragoons (and Dragos stones) only boost allied dragon-types, yes? Wouldn't want the enemy to gain two levels' (a dragon carrying four Dragos stones) worth of stats and all.
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User Info: ekamown

3 years ago#18
I think it's Dragon Tamers instead of Dragoons. Since Dragoons = Dragon Slayers
Wait, I think Dragon Killers fit more since Dragon Slayers are swords that have increased damage when used for attacking dragons.

I'd just equip my dragons with orbs to reduce their WT since they are real slow. I don't mind if they deal not too much damage since their breath attacks have high chance of inflicting status ailment, especially against strong but slow enemies.

I just have two dragos stones though.
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