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(message deleted)

User Info: _Quate_

9 years ago#12
I haven't seen Dom post lately, but I dunno.

Anyway, I tried to read it in Japanese (google lol) and I came up with something like hi ru le te ra or something, which is gibberish. LOL.

User Info: AlexPenev

9 years ago#13
>It would seem logical that because the game originated from Japan, and if the plaque did say something, it would most likely be written in Japanese.
Are you forgetting the tiles in the Shifting Sand Land pyramid as well? They say "ET".

I know kana/hira, and there's no way this sign is written in Japanese. Japanese writing is more stocky/blocky and compact. This sign looks more like cursive handwriting. The top line may say what we think it says, but the other line is quite the mystery.
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User Info: JosiahIsBack

9 years ago#14
Great leaping salamanders aflame! It's blackstar!

User Info: NintendoKing402

9 years ago#15
Wow, so many old/ well know accounts. Man, I am so out of my league posting here.
_/\_ Super Mario 64 is, and forever will be... _/\_
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User Info: sm64pro

9 years ago#16
All we need now is for Curtis to post in this and practically all the legends have posted in it.
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