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User Info: ameba2

13 years ago#1
As in the previous topic, you can post your videos here and Brightguy will add them to the site. If you're new to Super Mario 64 speedrunning and would like to participate in the competition, you can read the rules at the following site:


User Info: fiddlededee

13 years ago#2
I still don't see my Secret of the Haunted Books up :(

User Info: Swordless_Link

13 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: z0MGe

13 years ago#4

All credits go to yoshielectron for this amazing code.

81249688 A02D
8124968A B25E
8124DC7C A1A0
8124DC7E 00EE
8024B197 0040

Why it should be allowed:

- No need to verify video timing.
- It proves that it's not a TAS, since it can't be used on Mupen.
- Sped up falls don't make a difference, since they also speed up the timer.

User Info: bobmario511

13 years ago#5
i agree with z0MG.
could this also mean that the pj64 par wouldnt be needed for timed things?
example- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0qTJsntRoc
fav games-sm64, LoZOoT, FFX, SAB2! Currently playing-LoZOoT-3hearts/sm64/smrpg/ffx-perfect file/KH(w/sister)/FFX-2(W/sister)

User Info: ameba2

13 years ago#6
When does the timer start exactly? Remember that the official timing for the competition starts during the last all-white frame, which is one frame before the level loads. I guess that the official timing will have to change if this timer is as exact as it seems to be...

I timed z0MGe's video with the usual timing, and I got 11.3 (starting from the last all-white frame) and 11.2 (starting from the frame in which the level loads). Both of those times are different from the 11.5 that the timer gets. Weird... Maybe in-game time is different from real time? We'll have to test more videos before using this code as an official timer.

User Info: ameba2

13 years ago#7
I timed bobmario511's video now, and I got 12.8. The timer says it's 12.9... I'm confused. O_o

User Info: mr_roberts_z

13 years ago#8
Could the timer be prone to lag?

User Info: z0MGe

13 years ago#9
ameba2: The timer starts at the right frame, and the reason the time you got was lower is that it has a sped-up fall. This also speeds up the timer, so sped-up falls don't make a difference anymore; what the timer shows is what the time would be if you compared the fall to a normal fall, and added the right number of frames, to compensate for sped-up falls. Try it if you're unsure.

User Info: Silent_Slayers

13 years ago#10

My old one had a sped up fall. This one was redone with the timer code, which is accurate.

Anyway, it was 6"90, not 6"96 or anything else, so there's no way it was 7"0.
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