L Is Real 2401: WHAT IT REALLY MEANS!!!!!

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User Info: AlexPenev

9 years ago#11
Three things.
1. According to Gamefaqs, PM was released on 2/5/01. Not 2/4/01. That's for US release. The game is made by Japanese people, so the US release date is secondary. If they were going to refer to a date they would use the Japanese date, which was in 2000 and not 2001.
2. mm/dd/yyyy is the American convention of writing dates. Americans use it. The rest of the planet uses either dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy/mm/dd. Nobody else swaps mm and dd without also shifting the yyyy. The texture was drawn by Japanese people. Therefore February 4th 2001 is 4/2/01, not 2/4/01.
3. You didn't figure this out yourself. You copied it, because this "explanation" has been around since 2001.

4. It says Eternal Star. But nobody will going to stop you believing in conspiracy theories that make no logical sense.
chown -R me ~you/base*

User Info: SM64isawesome21

9 years ago#12

yeah what he said above me.'

Man i love making comments that add nothing nor take away anything in the conversation.

Now somebody below me needs to write something worthless as well to continue this conversation leading to nowhere

because the answer has already been said the fullest extent and nobody can add a comment that will change

the correct answer which is eternal star, nothing else. although it would be nice to believe that nintendo would do that.

User Info: RedNosedDonkey

9 years ago#13
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
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