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User Info: mr_roberts_z

11 years ago#1
Welcome to part six of the only SUPER MARIO 64 VIDEO QUIZ! By now, most of you know how all this works, but as usual, take a quick glance at the rules just in case:

This is a test to see how well people can accomplish various tasks in Super Mario 64, and ultimately prove their skill. Whether you’re new to the game or one of the best players in the world, you’ll almost definitely find this Quiz fun and exciting to compete in.

The concept is pretty simple. I give you a certain task to do, and you do it with as much skill as you can while recording it, and then put the video up online for everyone to see. Different tasks have different point rewards, and whoever has the most points at the end of the game will be declared the winner. The end of the game is when the last due date comes along. If successful, there will be another quiz following it. Here's why you should join, if you can:

1. By competing in the tasks, you become a better player.
2. You get to feel good about yourself if you get points.
3. You have a lot of fun.

Here are the rules:

Absolutely no GameSharking, Slowdown or Savestating. This is cheating. If you do this even once, you will be disqualified, and all your entries will be ignored. No exceptions.
• Try and put your video up before the deadline. Usually, if it's a little late I'll probably count it, but it's more convenient to abide by the given date.
• You may record from a console (N64 or Wii Virtual Console--both of these are strongly encouraged), or, if you prefer, you can use the Project64 or 1964 emulators (available at www.pj64-emu.com/ and http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/n64/1964.html. For the time being, Mupen64 is not allowed. Try CamStudio to record emulator gameplay. You can find it at http://www.camstudio.org/.
DO NOT ASK FOR ROMS - A GFAQs rule and a Quiz rule.
• Do everything that I tell you to do in your video. Make sure you read everything in the task, you can do anything else you want, as long as you also do what you are assigned to do. Always begin recording your video before you enter the level or at the star selection.
• If you have any questions about the tasks or about the quiz itself, don't hesitate to ask. Either myself, or one of the regulars here will help to try and answer your question.
• I will always specify what you have to aim for. Usually it will be to get the fastest time, but sometimes it might be different. In the case of a timed task, I will always, ALWAYS specify when the timing starts. Pay close attention to that.
• You must record the whole task. You may record as much as you want, as long as it includes you starting from when the timing starts, to when you complete the task.
• All videos must be NEW material. if you have an ORIGINAL video from a while back and you want to use it, you must ask first.
• If I cannot view your video (and it isn’t the fault of my PC or anything), it won’t be counted. I accept YouTube videos, Photobucket videos, Google videos, download sites, and direct links. Generally, if you can, use YouTube; it's simple, easy to use, and everyone uses it.
• Don't look at other people's videos before you've submitted your own, especially if the task is timed. You should be unique and creative; don't wait for somebody to come up with a route/method and then just steal it. Most of the time this can be pretty obvious, so don't risk it.
• If you use YouTube, copy and paste the bolded task into the video discription. Also, try and title your video in this format: "Super Mario 64 Video Quiz - Level #, Task #". Not a must, but it helps keep quiz videos clean and organized.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP. YOU CAN COMPETE WHENEVER YOU WANT! If this is your first day on GFAQs and you want to be in the Quiz, we don't care how long you've been around! Just post a link to your video, and it'll be counted.

**Join my Video Quiz at the Super Mario 64 boards!**

User Info: mr_roberts_z

11 years ago#2

A couple of tips:

1. As long you do what I tell you to do, you can use as many strategies as you want. Look at ALL your options. If you instantly think you have the fastest route or strategy, just think about it for a moment; something obvious might hit you that you didn't think of before.
2. If you have any comments, concerns, or complaints, you're absolutely encouraged to bring it up. Either me or someone else will answer your question, or, if it's a serious issue, we can have a small debate about it.
3. Practice at least a LITTLE before you make your video. It's just a waste of effort to make a bad, horribly played video that you know won't get you any points.
4. If you use PJ64, you can use GameShark codes to alter Mario's COLOUR PALETTE ONLY. That's no Big Mario, no Backwards Mario, no crazy wall textures, no Moon Jump, no Mario on Drugs, no Invinsibility, no Infinite Ammo, or ANYTHING. JUST Mario's palette.
5. Have fun, and don’t push yourself too hard.
6. This Quiz displays better with Firefox. www.getfirefox.com

You can find a list of every task and every submission from Level 1 to Level 7 here: http://rapidshare.com/files/48056368/Video_Quiz_-_Version3.pdf.html

So, there you go. Enjoy, and thanks for playing!

New task:

Ameba - 1893
Jish - 1244
ShadowofMyles - 943
Brightguy - 615
Specane - 591
Silent_Slayers - 491
Peteyboo - 488
Swordless Link - 459
Chris_Q - 419
Ssbm1221 - 358
Mr_Roberts_Z - 355
Filimonas - 321
PwnerofFF - 300
Winshendu - 275
i_am_kool - 245
Deign - 220
Soulrivers - 215
Lightespeon - 175
GlitchGamerX - 150
GenericMan - 150
Mastershield - 150
946582f - 140
Arrozbatata - 105
Slayzerx - 50
BASIClvlCh8r - 50
F1reTheIsP - 50
SM64Parkour - 50
Chungy - 45
Ultimatekoopa - 35
DamageDealerz - 35
Mp16z - 35
LuckyGamer - 30
MVJ52197 - 30
MarioSuperFan - 25
Babymarioegg - 20
Zqwerty123 - 20
Frankier40 - 5
Poo100 - 5
CrazyStickFigure - 5
Capgamer - 5
BlackTestusaiga - 5
Kirbymuncher - 5

Ahhh, fresh new thread...

Video Quiz - Shifting Sand Land - Level 8, Task 4 - [40 Points]
Die...without sinking in quicksand, getting burned, drowning, taking damage from flyguys, bobombs, goombas, pokeys, thwomps/grindels, or taking damage from large falls. Start (from the star selection screen) with full health.
**Join my Video Quiz at the Super Mario 64 boards!**

User Info: SM64Parkour

11 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: f1reTheIsP

11 years ago#4
Can i use that death?

Is Bowser a turtle or what?

User Info: pimanrules

11 years ago#5
I am Error
I am Original

User Info: RedNosedDonkey

11 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: G VOLTT

11 years ago#7
Sunday is September 2nd, not the first, just to let you know.
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User Info: G VOLTT

11 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: jessmpro33

11 years ago#9

wait is the point to die in the fastest way possible or to just die?

i'm confused....

User Info: ShadowOfMyles

11 years ago#10
Yeah die the fastest way possible. Noticed that RobZ says "Timed" in the instructions. This is a race.

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