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User Info: Hexprone

8 months ago#1
I have never had to use magic.

I have never had to use any command in battle other than "free will"

Does combat remain this passive?

User Info: undeadfilth

8 months ago#2
Not at all. You'll run into several enemy types that resist physical heavily. Plus some of the 2nd and 3rd level spells are quite powerful and can one shot an entire group of enemies to save time/farm easily. But honestly, it is an older JRPG, so don't expect amazing depth from combat. I'm almost at the end(about 20 hours in) and I have 2 dedicated casters, 3 tanks/physical monsters, and MC. I'm having a blast with it ATM and can't wait to start up the 2nd one:)

User Info: SIMSteven

8 months ago#3
Eventually you'll fight bosses which can't be Free Will'd to death because they have a ton of HP and strong attack-all abilities. So no.
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