How many rune pieces can I equip on someone?

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User Info: johndoejr

1 year ago#21
Xanderlise posted...
One of my favorite games but it is short

4th-5th time I've went all out with less than 30 total hours. That includes

All 108
Leveling everyone to 40+
Equipping everyone with a Rune
Sharpening all weapons to 16
Equipping everyone with mid-late game gear.

Just making one powerful army lol.

Then I grind 1 of the unique/rare items. Mangosh, Phero, Ressurect, etc...

So my games always end with those.

I have one "perfect" save file I always use for Suikoden 2.

Pretty much the same as above but everyone is level 60+, best equipment(you can buy). 6-10 have the best gear you have to find from enemies. Have 4 Boar Runes. 1 for Pahn, Ente(sp?), Morgan, storage.

Tir, Viktor, Flik, Cleo, Rubi, Kage are all level 99 with max stats and 9 water Rune pieces each.

Pesmerga, Crowley, Pahn, Gremio, Tai Ho, Valerie, Kwanda are all level 90+

Everyone has either a unique Rune, Rune that fits their personality (Luiken - turtle) or an advance rune(Thunder).

Anyways the point of that lol was to say I've basically done everything and grinded a ton and I think that save file is at 55 hours and 10-15 hours of that was grinding multiple Mangoshs and the Phero Rune. The other Runes and equipment didn't take that long to grind for

How to did you get to 99 with those characters. I got to 60 with tir and said f*** it I'm ending this game.
Psn: ajomaa2010
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  3. How many rune pieces can I equip on someone?

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