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6 years ago#1
First off, what a surprising, lucky find at a pawn shop and an excellent deal, to boot.

If you're already a fan of Star Ocean, then you already have a pretty good idea of what to expect. It's obviously all 2D, and there's no traditional overworld map (unlike SO2). The battle system is side-scrolling, so it's a bit like the battle system in the Tales series in that regard. It's all about good timing. All the other systems are a lot more involved too. Item Creation involves actively playing a mini-game, and how well you do determines what you make. You'll have to use Item Creation to earn money. The skill system is pretty complicated as well. To build your characters best, don't apply points randomly or split them equally among all four categories. Specialize and focus on one category at a time. Dungeons have a lot of tricky puzzle elements, so you'll have to master all your Field Actions.

That's Blue Sphere in a nutshell. It may be incomplete, but my FAQ has a lot of good information. Check there for more details (especially if you want to know the triggers for learning new moves).
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