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7 years ago#1
i finally understood the elevator puzzle.
thank to zarfen that told that switches can be activated by bombs.

anyhow, you first need to go to floor 115 normally. on the room right of the elevator is a floor alternator, click it.

next, remember the setting of the floor switch in front of the elevator, you will need to do the trip on both settings to get everything.

then go to floor 114, go to the broken switch. repair it with rena and then bomb it and quickly go to the right passageway so you are beyond the rising floor when the bomb goes off.

now you can climb the elevator to floor 115

at floor 115, the way is now open to the right. the switch in that room is a floor alternator so it has little use. now depending of the setting of the floor switch on floor 115, you can either get the bottom chest which hold a rune metal or get the top chest which hold a damascus. incidentally, that setting also clear the way to the top room which has a chest with a star necklace. the switch in that room is a floor alternator so it has little use.

all in all, its only items, no key items
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