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User Info: syaugust8

7 years ago#1
Which is your favorite team to generally use? I prefer the team of Opera, Chisato, and Celine. I just got Opera in my team at Knott Laboratory and am having so much fun with this game. Opera's Killer Moves are great and as I control her, I can keep my team fully healed without a hitch, whereas Chisato and Celine both provide stellar backup. It's such a shame that the remake wasn't at least released for DS statewide. Star Ocean is easily my favorite RPG series of all time and I'm a little surprised that it doesn't get more recognition.

User Info: hergman

7 years ago#2
how can you cope with opera abysmal MP? i leveled up all her fighting skills in hope that an MP boost appeared and it didn't.
so now i had a fully combat leveled up opera with 50 MP.
you don't go far with that.

i leveled up her "sense" category as the next category for most likely to get a mp boost and the last skill to pop up had an MP boost, thankfully!
now she got around 100 MP
Giovanni : hahaha
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User Info: Aussie2B

7 years ago#3
I'll use anybody. Every character is fun to use. In terms of actively controlling a character, I think my top three favorites would be Ashton, Bowman, and Chisato.

It's too bad that no console or handheld version of the Blue Sphere remake was made at all. It could've been on any system and still in Japanese, for all I care, anything would be better than Japanese cellphone-only. I don't know if it's possible to play Japanese cellphone games outside of Japan at all.
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