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User Info: Striker_Genesys

9 months ago#1
If you're like me, you've probably wanted a game with a similar feel to Starfox 64. Assault was kind of similar but not quite it. Well in my opinion I have found a game that captures the feeling well:

Sin & Punishment: Successors to the Earth

User Info: Demon1050

9 months ago#2
Assault could have -almost- been it, but noooooooo...instead of just a few for variety, lets make 70% of the missions on foot, to hell with flying around.

I'll check that game out and post back my thoughts.

User Info: shakmstr

9 months ago#3
I’ve got Sin and Punishment on my Wii U. However I refuse to play some N64 games unless I am using an N64 controller.

Raphnet sells an N64 to Wiimote adaptor so I’m gonna try that with Sin and Punishment.

I can’t stress enough how the N64 controller was perfectly made for certain games.

User Info: EvolutionSFox

8 months ago#4
I want to try it out. I loved me some 64.
Star Fox fan.
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  3. I found a game that has a similar feel to Starfox 64
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