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  3. What's the easiest way to open the Sector X warp?

User Info: HowayTheLads

1 year ago#1
Do bombs work? Better to load the laser or just shoot the doors as fast as I can? Due to other distractions in that part of the level, I've only been able to open 2/4 in time. I'm holding the breaks as well
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User Info: lalala_la

1 year ago#2
I don't believe bombs work, so just load up on the laser upgrades, hit the brakes (if you can) and hope for the best.

User Info: Nicholas Harvey

Nicholas Harvey
1 year ago#3
With hyper lasers and braking, you shouldn't really have trouble opening the gates. But if you need any help, play Katina and Bill will help you with the warp gates.

You're not done just yet after passing through all four gates, though. You have to navigate a fairly tricky obstacle course full of giant rotating bars. The Meteo warp was easy and provided you with a ton of powerups and points, but the Sector X warp is more of a gauntlet. There are some enemies you can shoot for points, but you won't score quite as high as if you had gone right and ended up at the boss.

The main purpose of this warp is to make the Sector Z medal easier, as you won't have Katt getting in the way at the final wave of missiles.
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  3. What's the easiest way to open the Sector X warp?
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