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  3. Played this for the first time ever and I'm kinda disappointed

User Info: NoctisLucCaelum

2 years ago#1
The game just feels awful in the more open ended segments, I thought those would be the most fun but they just control like ass. For example, hitting any of the Star Wolf crew on Bolse is next to impossible, they avoid your ship so easily and maneuvering your ship to get a decent shot on them is a massive pain. It feels like they don’t have the same height limit as well and that they can fly higher than you. The on-rails levels were fun, although idk if they were quite spectacular but they were good. Contrary to these where the game just feels awkward.

I’m pretty dissapointed. I figured the game would be a blast as it’s a classic but it’s just damn awkward.
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User Info: HylianFox

2 years ago#2
I used to suck at the Star Wolf dogfights when I first played this. Now I can skip the cutscene and take their shields down by half before they even begin to attack.
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User Info: lalala_la

2 years ago#3
Star Wolf fights are pretty easy once you've done them a few times. Use your brakes and the left/right tilt to get them in your sights, then spam the hell out of your lasers. They die.
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  3. Played this for the first time ever and I'm kinda disappointed
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