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User Info: ChakatBlackstar

11 years ago#11

salleman1 posted...
Maybe Wolf and James are like Half Brothers?

Maybe Wolf and Fox are half brothers?


User Info: WaterofDarkness

11 years ago#12
I am thinking that they were former allies/etc.

I blame Brawl for this - it said that his and Fox's rivalry started at James, yet canonically speaking Wolf is only one year older than Fox.

James' attention sounds plausible. Perhaps Wolf wanted James' attention and affection as well. I could imagine it's possible that Wolf didn't have a father growing up. It's possible James was that father figure. Perhaps Wolf was merely competing for that attention. Maybe Wolf thought that James was too good of a parent for Fox. Maybe as a child Fox was unappreciative of the things James did for Fox and Wolf resented that Fox had everything and didn't care.

I personally like to think that Fox was just a spoiled, selfish brat that got everything handed to him and he never once showed in gratitude towards anyone while Wolf had to work for it. Growing up next to someone (or even just being in the general area) that was like that WOULD probably cause some problems with a relationship.

Another would be that maybe when James was deciding who would be the next leader of Star Fox, James decided to choose Fox over Wolf. Or maybe he was going to let both of them lead Star Fox, and then when Pigma betrayed James, he gave Wolf a house of lies about how Fox was going to run Star Fox alone. I could see how that could push someone to form a team against Star Fox. Seriously, it's always bothered me that Nintendo had an amazing lapse in creativity and just decided to name Wolf's team "Star Wolf." However, having Wolf name the team "Star Wolf" to mock team "Star Fox?" That's a bit comical and just shows how pissed off Wolf is at Fox (possibly childish as well, but hey, it makes the character's a bit more "human" emotion wise).

As it stands there simply isn't enough information given to do anything much make theories however.

User Info: DDirtyDastard

11 years ago#13
You guys totally got it all wrong. James was lost in the Black Hole. Now for those of you that don't know, Black Holes theoretically transport you to another end of the universe. Since no one has actually gone through a black hole, it's tough to say what exactly happen. But the Nintendo universe does explain what happened to James McCloud, not directly anyways. You have to look over to the F-Zero world for the answer.

James McCloud was transformed into a human when he went through the Black Hole. He modified his Arwing and now races in the F-Zero Grand Prix. Yeah, they changed the name of his old team from Star Fox to Galaxy Dog, and yes, they do call his ship a Wyvern instead of an Arwing. But you can't ignore that glaringly obvious truth that this is indeed the same James McCloud. Either that or a very blatent and overlooked Easter Egg in F-Zero X and GX.

User Info: WaterofDarkness

11 years ago#14
Black hole James was from the SNES. In the 64 version he was killed.

User Info: Shadow_StarWolf

11 years ago#15
Wow, not bad Water! I like those theories!

And yeah, according to Miyamoto, it was Pigma who made Wolf angry against Fox, and that Wolf and Fox were friends before then.
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  3. Hmm... You think James == Wolf?
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