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User Info: Anddo

9 months ago#1
•keep the original physics and gameplay engine, build on top of it as a base basically
•make emblems actually do something, unlock metal sonic at 30, remake beta windy valley at 60, shadow at 130 etc
•KEEP THE ANIME HUMANS, no pixar variants (stay faithful)
•expand the levels so they're longer and feel more fulfilling to complete
•have the option for the original voices
•remix the soundtrack to make it more modern, orchestral
•make amy faster, like at least sa2 fast
•make a chaos 1 fight
•redo tails' levels so they're not all races against sonic
•speed up the chaos 6 fight, include more vulnerabilities or at least make it take less hits to beat
•do the same for chaos 2 but also make the water in swamp actually hurt you so you have to use the pads
•drop sa2 references and features such as grinding and foreshadowing of the biolizard and gerald robotnik
•update chao garden so it's more balanced and feature filled like sa2
•control the chao in racing and karate and add more minigames with them using 2d graphics like the VMU games
•have day and night versions of the levels depending on the time of day in the hub world
•make sky chase play like an ace combat game
•super sonic playable in every level after beating the game
•put in all the dreamcast holiday DLC, like christmas, halloween and new years
•redo all of the old wacky cutscene animations, less dragging shots and better storyboarding
•make station square a little bigger, the original version is small and claustrophobic
•make the station square diner and casino ken buildings in the casino area actual buildings you can visit with npc's
•incoporate elements of the sonic x version of SA1's events 👀
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