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User Info: Gameonz

4 years ago#1
Somebody should answer this question if they at least beat this game once. I'm playing Sonic Adventure on my PS3 by the way. Ok I'm on the mission where I'm supposed to go to the Egg Carier Crash Site. Once inside I went into the door and it says Final Stage 1. In here I get a message to get 50 rings and I think shoot as many of the dolls before the time runs out. Ok so I accomplish that but once I finished I'm not sure what to do. I went down stairs to see if a cutscene would trigger but nothing happened so I left outside in the Jungle and searched around but nothing. I rechecked that Navi guide character and it still says to "check the Egg Crash site you might find something". Is there something else I was supposed to do in the Final Stage 1 room? I searched in the City as well but I still found nothing.
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User Info: SpaceXoDDity

4 years ago#2
Did you finish the Hot Shelter stage?
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User Info: frggy

4 years ago#3
It sounds like you're at the early part of his quest. After the first level, you are supposed to be at the crash site, which is where you should still be at when you finish the first level. Then go to the bottom floor of the crash site and find Eggman there to trigger the next cutscene.

User Info: Lanijon

4 years ago#4
The crash site isn't the area you access through the jungle. That's just a base. You can get to the Egg Carrier crash site via the raft under the Mystic Ruins train station or via the boat in Station Square. It sounds like your next stage is Hot Shelter.
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  3. I'm stuck on E102 Gamma's later mission, Spoilers
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