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User Info: Xhoyl

1 year ago#1
Hey ladies and gents, I return from the bowels of higher education to rain my earthly gifts upon the heads of mankind. ...I don't know what those gifts are per se, but I am open to suggestions. For one though, I'm willing to include Rashomon's list of mithril item descriptions from a now archived post, if they are willing to give me permission as such. I will include their name in the credits of course if given the go ahead. Anyone else who has ideas about how I could improve my guide further, please don't hesitate to ask. I greatly appreciate it. :) Have a great day and what have you.
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User Info: ZoqFotPik

1 year ago#2
No you're noooooot. J/K, always good to be breathing
I am not the FOT!
~~the Zoq, the Fot & the Pik~~
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