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User Info: Mazryonh

8 years ago#1
If indeed the entire, uncut, and unabridged Shenmue series was to span 16 games the length and breadth of Shenmue 1, how on earth did Yu Suzuki think he would have financed all 16 games, and on an underperforming system like the Dreamcast?

Sometimes I'm confused as to whether Yu Suzuki was lacking in the pragmatism department. No one bats an eye when a famous author decides to write a 16-volume epic fantasy novel (and perhaps the best chance for an uncut Shenmue saga would be in a literary form), because as long as the author can support him/herself, then the only thing being consumed is the author's own time and effort. But 16 games the length and breadth of Shenmue 1? How did he ever think Sega would ever finance that many on an untried method of gaming?

There's also the issue of whether players could put up with all this. Would fans of Shenmue really have the patience to play through a second Shenmue game that didn't take place in Hong Kong, but instead on the boat to Hong Kong (the supposed original setting for the second game), and by the end of the game didn't let you get off there but only rolled the credits? Would you feel that you had been led on to false reward? I personally am not sure I would have stuck around for that long.

Another instance of Shenmue's problems if it had followed Yu Suzuki's original layout would be how late you get to see Yuanda Zhu to hear him explain the purpose behind the mirrors. Apparently the final version of Shenmue 2 is actually Chapters 3, 4, 5--if you had to wait to play 3 different games before seeing Yuanda Zhu and having him explain the purpose behind the mirrors, would you have bought that many games and stuck around that long?
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User Info: zeleny

8 years ago#2
Obviously, Yu Suzuki and Sega didn't anticipate the commercial failure of the series. Had the game been more popular among the masses, funding would not be so much of an issue and we would most likely have seen this game progress till the very end. As it stands, the chances of seeing a sequel grow slimmer by the year. Looking back, I would have started the game in the most interesting chapters (maybe mid-way through) and work on prequels (chapters 1-5 / present day Shenmue I & II) to grow a bigger audience / fan base.

I agree it'd be best to see his work continued in another form (anime, manga, etc.).
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User Info: sonicknuckles2k

8 years ago#4
Keep in mind that Shenmue and Shenmue II were originally meant to be one whole game.

IDK if they're still up, but Gamespot had previews of Kowloon back in 1999.

User Info: Duh_Bad_Guy

8 years ago#5
No. Each game ended up spanning 4 chapters.

Shenmue 1. Chapter 1-4
shenmue 2. Chapter 5-8 (chapter 8 was supposed to be the beginning of shenmue 3 but was added into part 2. Great move because it was the most boring part of the game)
shenmue 3 chapters 9-12.
Shenmue 4 chapters 13-16
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User Info: Vyse_skies

8 years ago#6
Duh, don't make me cry :( I needed one extra game, but two games to complete the saga sounds like a pipe-nightmare. I want them now :( And I want to play that excluded chapter two so I can kick Chai's ass again.
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User Info: Duh_Bad_Guy

8 years ago#7
Tell me about broseph. Shenmue 3 is so far away. Sega will either incorporate the remaining chapters into shenmue 3 or see how good 3 does in sales and determine if 4 should see light.

Pisses me off, Yakuza is great but not better than shenmue and there's 5.
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User Info: Duh_Bad_Guy

8 years ago#9
Yuffie4life posted...
Did you just call him Duh?

Lmao I just noticed that. You can call me DBG.
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User Info: FatalFragger

8 years ago#10
I don't recall ever hearing that the boat was supposed to be an entire game...just a deleted chapter.
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