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User Info: 2ndopp

12 years ago#11
We need to try instead of sitting back and doing nothing.

Those who do not try to change the world do not have a right to argue it's choices. This is the biggest way we can ask Sega: Will there be Shenmue? If we get Shenmue or not, maybe we can at least finally get them to give us a final answer. If they said NO for sure, we could all close that chapter. We wouldn't like it, but at least we will know.

They Toy Capsule Mailing is to a great start, we have 100's of capsules already mailed out. I myself am sending 200 next week with our donations, and will continue to send through Dec. 29th. This thing has gone international and lit up the internet with Shenmue chatter. Just try a search on google for Shenmue with advanced setting to the last 24hr.

I really hope we can sway you to join in on this fight, because even if you know for sure we won't get Shenmue, what harm can it do to try :)

User Info: Starwind128

12 years ago#12
This is great, all us fans banning together, maybe this will work. As for G4, they are the biggest, lamest joke I have ever seen, there isn't a single person on Attack of the Show or Xplay that knows what they're talking about.

I mean come on? The Shenmue series overrated? Lol. How can a game series that doesn't sell that well, & doesn't get the credit it deserves be overrated? It makes no sense, & they call themselves "professional" gamers, lmao! All they care about is first person shooters & action games, they used to have respectable opinions & actually review games instead of being biased morons, but whatever i'll shut up now.

Long Live Shenmue!

User Info: Soul_Creator

12 years ago#13
"Those who do not try to change the world do not have a right to argue it's choices."

Actually, I have every right to argue its choices, irrespective of my input--it's called intuition and opinion. And, if in your eyes, that makes me a total hypocrite... well, I can live with that.
You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

User Info: Soul_Creator

12 years ago#14
If you want Shenmue III to get made, use this voice you think you have to find independent investors; a group of people and organizations willing to commission it for SEGA. Unrealistic? Maybe, but no more so than this endeavor. Because what you're basically asking is for us to send an equivalent of flower baskets saying, "Please, SEGA, spend untold millions of dollars for us. We know the first two didn't make their money back, and this one probably won't either--given the six years of dwindling interest since the Xbox version--but please... for us?"

The last two projects Yu Suzuki put his hand to were both cancelled (Shenmue Online and Psy-Phi). Hence, there's no motivation from the development end, nor the production end. I want to be wrong--I want my punishment for being wrong to be that I get to finally play Shenmue III. But... well, you get the idea.
You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

User Info: La_Capone

12 years ago#15
Look at Street Fighter 4.

SF3 was like the Shenmue games - fabulous but didnt meet sales expectations.
Capcom said they werent gonna make SF anymore. But people harrased Capcom to make a new game ...and after a ten year hiatus, SF is back in a big way!

If u can show demand, of course a company will want to make the game.
Akiman 4ever http://www12.big.or.jp/~akiman/e-top.html

User Info: strife14467

12 years ago#16
hopefully they make a Shenmue 3. i love the first 2 games! i just hate playing 2 now for one reason. i get to the end of it and it makes me mad knowing i may never see the finished story.
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User Info: windaddy01

12 years ago#17
xplay saying shenmue is one of the most overrated games of all time what the heck i have seen a video where Morgan web said that "shenmue has been criminally overlooked" you can download it at http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetxbox/shenmuedojo/misc/xplayshenmue.zip and Adam said shenmue 2 was "A visceral experience that should not be missed" you can downloaded it at http://www.fileplanet.com/dl/dl.asp?/planetxbox/shenmuedojo/Shenmue/shenmue2x/techtvshenmue2.zip but that was when G4 was techTV but there was a different show that gave shenmue 2 a good review you download it from http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetxbox/shenmuedojo/misc/g2shenmue2x.zip
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