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  3. most efficient techs/magic?

User Info: shadowxneo

1 month ago#1
that arent boundshot/ twin gales/ darksphere/ DSC.

can be from a pure dmg per wp/jp standpoint, or combo heavy.


User Info: DragonAtma

1 month ago#2
1-WP skills with combat crown and 1-JP skills with magic crown. >_>

But you'll want some stronger attacks for bosses, as efficiency doesn't help if they overpower you.
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User Info: shadowxneo

1 month ago#3
im thinking for an endgame build with both techs and magic, no crown.

User Info: ffvd_games

1 month ago#4
TigerRampage is a quick and dirty way to get mystics doing high damage quickly. I usually give everyone a DeadKnight in boots and sword, then go get TigerRampage from the DevilSquid. If for some reason I'm too lazy to go all the way to Shrike, I just put DevilSquid into the others. Since TigerRampage can combo with itself, you can be doing pretty high damage at BR1-2 and take down final bosses with relative ease

User Info: DeltaInferno

1 month ago#5
For Mages your best attack spells are Megawindblast(The AoE light spell) Vermillion Sand, and Time Eclipse.

I forget which time spell, but there's one that causes you to skip your enemy's move, there is no enemy in the game who resists it. So 99 Quick shuts down almost everyone. Shadow and the True Final Bosses in the remaster however will punish you for using that spell.

For Gunners, BoundShot, Trick Shot and Cross shot are all three self combinations skills so it is one way to go.

For Fist users besides DSC I find Sky Tornado and GodHand tend to combo fairly often.

For Mechs I tend to use pluralslash/multi slash as it combos well. Aside from those I use mech specifically skills if they have them such as Pop knight.

For Swords I use Triple Thrust, Roseio Impale, Life Sprinkler(if it Sparks) and Headwind, Dead End and Heaven and hell for low WP skills.

FFVD covered mystics, though I tend to run only Mestherin in end game parties and I use her as my healer.

I never run monsters end game as my standard party is T260G, Mestherin, Rouge, Gen, MC unless there are better unique characters in thar story or mechs/mystics are unobtainable.
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  3. most efficient techs/magic?
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