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User Info: DevilSquid

2 months ago#1
Now that slot 8 is no longer the dedicated absorption slot, how does check priority work? Is it like before where slot 8 is first, slot 1 second ... so on, or does priority start wherever you absorb first then underneath it is 2nd?

If this has been answered before, please direct me to that post thanks!

User Info: NeoElfboy

2 months ago#2
From casual observation it looked like the order went "newly absorbed skill, then the other skills in order they appear on the list from top to bottom" but I didn't definitely confirm that, so someone else might want to weigh in.
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User Info: MysticLord

2 months ago#3
I think @ffvd_games covered this, and that it changed in an update.
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User Info: Davzz

2 months ago#4
Yeah, the newly absorb skill is now the first one checked
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User Info: DevilSquid

2 months ago#5
Oks so new absorb is one, and maybe top to bottom after. Either way it seems if I put the absorb slot on slot 1, the rest will work itself out.

User Info: Ajogamer

2 months ago#6
Yeah, after the newely absorbed skill, it's top to bottom; I can confirm that. So having slot 1 be your absorb slot does indeed make things more intuitive.

User Info: DevilSquid

2 months ago#7
Thanks for the help my dudes and dudettes (maybe?)

User Info: ffvd_games

2 months ago#8
With the next update (hopefully), the old system will be restored. No clue when that'll happen, but there's evidence of it in BaccaratMessage (where all text is stored)

User Info: DevilSquid

2 months ago#9
Why you want old style? New one seems ok
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