The beginning of Fuse's story(from essence)

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User Info: darkavenger7789

8 years ago#1
The First Day

"Please come out quickly."
From the other side of the door, a metallic synthetic voice urged me.
"The target of our tailing would soon go beyond the radar range."
I do know that pretty well, but all the same...
"Uh, no, it's no good. Go on without me Rabbit."
"But the command given to me is that of "two-man cell," and I'm not equipped with gears for solo actions..."
"Just shut up and go! It makes me uneasy if you stick around like that right next to the john. I'll catch you up in no time, so keep the beacon on."
"...Roger, I expect you to resume your mission position promptly."
Leaving behind a faint humming noise indicating a change of command recording, Rabbit, my partner, presently went off the door. As he always moves with semi-zero-gravity mode, I heard no footsteps. He is the only mecca (robot) that gained the status of patrol officer in the IRPO (Inter-region Patrol Organization). In other words, we are colleagues of equal rank. My name is Fuse, which is a code name for the job. My true name, Loster sounds more elegant, but they hardly call me by this name.
An idiot supervisor of mine started calling me Crazy Fuse because, according to him, I tend to fuse and go out of control pretty easily. I let them use the name without getting too bothered. They call my partner Rabbit because supposedly he looks like a rabbit. I myself don't see any resemblance at all though.
I'm in Kyo right now. Tracking the smuggling routes of low-quality drugs circulating around Kowloon, we somehow ended up arriving at this quaint oriental region. I'm kind of skeptical as the combination of the ancient city with drugs seems too unbecoming.
By the way, I'm using a gift shop bathroom. While chasing after a monk suspected to be a dealer, I got a sudden attack of bellyache and rushed into the john. Seems like I got sick because of the meat I ate at a restaurant in Shrike ( name of place?) on our way to Kyo. Crap!(gamefaqs won't let me use the literal translation here so I'm sure most of you can use your imaginations) I usually eat my food at the fast food joint at Manhattan, but not this morning, because Rabbit came to pick me up at my house...

This is half the first page of Fuse's story, and right off I would to thank Motoo Kobayashi, the person who translated this segment. It's kind of jerkish for me to go off posting this as I got it for free as a sample translation, but I figured everyone else would get a kick out of it too. And remember if anyone wants to help with the translation of Essence please email me at Check it out, vote for me, play the game

User Info: uparmoredninja

8 years ago#2
wow, thank you!

User Info: Myertch_Aileron

8 years ago#3
There's a fine "li" between "obvious" and "oblivious."

User Info: Karsten

8 years ago#4
very good. thanks
"I'll create a monument to non-existence" Kefka, FF6

User Info: Nonstop_Death

8 years ago#5
Cast in the name of Death, ye not living.

User Info: JBugaboo

8 years ago#6

And now we know Fuse's real name!


And finally that anecdote about meat in Shrike means something, lol

User Info: Quiria

8 years ago#7
Keep up the good job guys.

User Info: darkavenger7789

8 years ago#8
and remember, if anyone would like to help support me on this project please email me at, thanks Check it out, vote for me, play the game

User Info: HH_King

8 years ago#9
I can't help but to picture Capt. Hamilton coming up to Fuse saying: "You should have eaten crabs in Owmi. They don't use crap like MSG."

User Info: killerb255

8 years ago#10
Isn't his real name "Roster"? Case of Japanese L/R syndrome?
--Killer B
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