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User Info: BlackNine34435

6 months ago#1
So knowing that the G in G virus stands for God, and the vaccine is named devil, it's interesting that Claire says to Sherry "My god has protected you!" (I thought she said "coat" for the longest time but it's definitely "god") with a visual emphasis on the angel image on the vest (not coat).

A suggestion that the G virus is "a false god" so to speak. Too bad it didn't make it into the remake.

  • n.One who believes in the existence of a personal God, but in few or none of the more special doctrines of the Christian religion; one who holds to some of the more general propositions of the Christian faith concerning the Deity, but denies revelation and the authority of the church.
  • n.One who holds the opinion that there is a God, but no divine providence governing the affairs of men; one who holds that, God is not only distinct from the world, but also separated from it.
Also take note that there are literal passages from the bible in the OG RE 1.

User Info: EvilResident

6 months ago#2
I thought this for a long time too.
It was subtle things, like when Chief Irons has lost all hope in his office and says “...taxidermy used to be my hobby” and is looking up to the items on his wall, similar to how one looks up to a cross in a church when things are looking bleak.
Probably many more subtle things sprinkled throughout the game as well.

User Info: BlackNine34435

6 months ago#3
Jill in RE 3 resting in the church area of the clocktower after being infected by Nemesis, bet she and Carlos were praying for the situation to get better.

User Info: Recoome_is_god

6 months ago#4
BlackNine34435 posted...
So knowing that the G in G virus stands for God

No it doesn't. It stands for Golgotha.
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User Info: BlackNine34435

5 months ago#6
Recoome_is_god posted...
No it doesn't. It stands for Golgotha.
I've heard it was G for both God and Golgotha.

User Info: FriggingChicken

2 months ago#7
i never noticed any of this
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3 weeks ago#8
It doesn't stand for God. Like T virus was just T. So is G just G

User Info: Just_Wanna_Play

3 weeks ago#9
Euh... T stands for Tyrant and G stands for Golgotha.
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