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User Info: EvilResident

7 months ago#13
Yup. I always tend to skip it as well. Well I know I dont need it at least so i just avoid it.

User Info: BlockAddition

5 months ago#14
Been playing the RE2 demo for s***s and giggles, some differences I noticed

Different music that I've not heard before, and music I have heard but playing in the wrong places
Kendos van isn't there, and you don't cut through the basketball court. Just vault over a box and you're at the PD courtyard
No marvin :(!!
No blue keycard
The doors are locked with "letters" rather than card suits. "L-key", "S-Key" and so on
You meet Ada instead of Claire in the stars office (the demo ends here)
You can't save, no ink ribbons
Various small item placements are different
The door to the RIGHT of the PD won't open. There is no key for it and it would probably just crash if you used cheats to unlock it

Using cheat engine:

there is no bowgun (oh noes!)
Some weapons not available in the demo work fine, custom magnum, custom shotgun, SMG
The rocket launcher and flamethrower crash the game
The "unavaible" rooms due to no keys work, in the room with the crank is just some handgun ammo and the step ladder has been replaced by an UMB box that you can't climb down from
The back entrance to marvins room (locker room, normally unavailable) works and there's even a shotgun in one of the lockers, you can also unlock the door creating a nice circular route that would be unavailable on the demo without cheats
The "custom handgun parts" room should be off limits but works, though trying to go any further (into the library) and the game crashes
if you cheat ink ribbons you still can't use the typewriters

I was bored and on a bit of a RE2 binge atm

Carry on

You know I could have turned my findings into a 30 minute youtube video but this is much nicer
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User Info: BlockAddition

5 months ago#15
It's nice they added an effect for the raw sewage bouncing off Claire

Just girlie things

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User Info: Gaming_Mastery

5 months ago#16
I have no love for the bowgun personally. Whenever I play claire mode I just use it for the few rooms with zombie crowds or like, the first licket spawn and then deposit it forever
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User Info: BlockAddition

5 months ago#17
It's a nice idea to use in confined spaces with zombie crowds but it isn't reliable, I've died in the locker room due to the bowgun being a pos

Using it for the first licker involves picking it up from kendo which I do not do lol

User Info: MattVSin

2 months ago#18
As some have mentioned the Bow Gun is good for crowd control and creating a bit of space. I typically go with the handgun and grenade launcher combo but the bow gun can be fun to play around with.
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  3. The bowgun is cack
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