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User Info: tyro888

4 months ago#1
Parasite Eve is about well creatures.The city is under attack from all these crazy monsters. A band of heroes form to save the city and themselves from peril. The game is for the Ps1 and is now a older title. On the PSx or 1 I still like it.
Eve is a bigger game now. It's about as long as Persona 1 which is another anime title. This one though is about guns. You can now wander around instead of fixed formation battles. This is still rare in RPG's like Secret of Mana. The game has some different boss battles which create different angles as well.
All the battles now allow a gamer to aim from a giant grid. Your movement affects energy drains and your HP increase. Other characters are in the game and play different roles. I own this game because I rented it way back. The PS1 still has the title solid because the PS3 well had over 1,000 games. Lots of games for Ps3 were from Ps1.
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User Info: GoukiAkujiki

4 months ago#2
I honestly don’t know if you’re speaking about this game or shooting ideas for a remake, or both. A little English goes a long way. And no, I don’t mean little as in short sentences, you’re plenty good at that.

User Info: IamTheInternet

4 months ago#3
what even is this thread lol. are you schizophrenic bro?

User Info: Violet_Blooded

3 months ago#4
Par a site is about a site for parring.
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User Info: Perin Valin

Perin Valin
3 months ago#5
and what a pair of sights it is...

User Info: Neofabito

1 month ago#6
I'm laughing so much. What was this? lol
Thanks, man.
Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

User Info: Kuro-chan_101

1 month ago#7
Isn't paring something you do to fruits and vegetables to remove the skin off them?

Looking up the dictionary, it's not 'quite' described as such, but it could be used that way...
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User Info: Oracle-Raven

4 weeks ago#8
I just went through a handful of TC's post history... All of his topics kinda follow the same trend, it's really weird.
It's like they're not human at all in the way they write.
I think OP is either a bot, or someone with a severe mental disorder (I mean it in a medical way, not as an insult).
(edited 4 weeks ago)
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