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User Info: guy12345

1 month ago#1
I have loved RPGs ever since I first rented the original Final Fantasy for the NES back when I was a kid. This is probably one of the few acclaimed RPGs I've never played. But I don't own a Saturn and the game itself costs like 1,000 bucks. Before anyone mentions, I know nothing about emulation nor do I own a pc

User Info: shakmstr

1 month ago#2
I don’t think it is worth the $1000+ it goes for now. It is a great game but that’s just too much. Etsy used to have “copies” for more affordable prices but I could be misremembering.

User Info: legaiaflame2

1 month ago#3
If you ever do get a pc and want to try emulation in the future, and for anyone else as well, I wrote a somewhat easy to understand user guide for Sega Saturn emulators such as Retroarch Kronos and Yabause. If you follow the instructions step by step you should get the games running. And if you have a decent computer the games should run fine:

(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Jonfacebass

3 weeks ago#4
I can honestly say Panzer Dragoon Saga is one of the greatest games ever made, especially if you are an RPG fan. The gameplay system is unlike any other game ever played. It is completely unique and original experience. I would recommend buying it or at least getting a Japanese copy of downloading it and playing an emulator version.
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  3. Desperately want to play this game
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