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  3. For those that own the game, how much did you pay?

User Info: Riveller

1 year ago#11
Ive bought it in 1998 for U$ 49,90 at ebworld (online). 22 years ago. Time flew away...

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User Info: Darkil

9 months ago#13
I bought it new when it was released for $50. I picked up the last copy that Babbages had that day.
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User Info: easyeman

8 months ago#15
Actually got it when it originally came out, so around $60? One of the lucky ones since I had been excited for it for a while and got it right as it released when not many had a Saturn around here.
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User Info: Admiral_Craymen

7 months ago#16
Got it for $200 in 2007. Glad I got it then, because it would be impossible for me to afford it now.
I paid $230 Complete/Shipped off of ebay back in February 2013.

I still have it and have since bought an acrylic case to "sort of" protect it better. I beat it years ago and thought it was...(not going to share my opinions to not be divisive).

One of my 'holy grails', I guess you can say.
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User Info: Crankyoldgamer

6 months ago#18
I got this game new when it came out, beat it a few times, then played it more but never finished it again.
It's alright, I liked some stuff but it was pretty thin in the RPG area.

I ended up giving this game to a person from this page who'd really wanted to play it forever.
I told him to send me his address if he wanted the game, he did...
So I next day aired my mint PDS to him...gratis!!

It was worth hundreds at the time... felt good to help a gamer out!! : )
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User Info: Neo Chade

Neo Chade
6 months ago#19
I paid 20 English pounds for a PAL version in 2002ish (wasn’t just PDS, also got quake, Panzer Dragoon, or maybe zwei I own two of one of them, sim city 2000 and I think sega rally in the bundle) Not completely 100% complete mind, missing the outer sleeve for the cases and one of them the clear cover is damaged. But the cd’s and manual were mint. Never considered selling my damaged copy and also never finished it. Didn’t have a memory card at the time and the internal battery backup.
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  3. For those that own the game, how much did you pay?
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