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User Info: PanzDragWorld

4 years ago#1
Hey guys,

I just started a campaign for a reboot of a fantastic series of game that was Panzer Dragoon (SAGA episode being my favorite).
I believe with today's technology, a reboot would be fantastic, given how incredible the artistic direction of those games were.

The new generations need to discover this unique world, the musics were awesome too and could give us a masterpiece if a new game was made nowadays.

So the strategy is the following:

> people follow me on Twitter so we start making more & more noise

> people sign the petition here

I give 5 reasons why we need a Panzer Dragoon reboot. You dont need to agree with the five, it is more of a brainstorming. And I am sure the developer who would work on it would not apply everything, this is just a base of reflection about the strengths of the lore of Panzer Dragoon.

The campaign is going well, I will have a Segaradio interview in the next couple of days. I will contact some more people too, but we need your help.

It doesn't cost you anything at this point so even if you have never played those games but are just curious, you can support this.

Spread the word, thanks guys !

Campaign for a rebooted Open World ARPG Panzer Dragoon
> Follow me https://twitter.com/PanzDragWorld // > Sign the petition http://panzerdragoonworld.com
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