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  3. List of all possible randomly-found items (buried and temple)

User Info: LancetJades

3 years ago#1
1: castle of warren 1 temple + 2 buried
2: sharom border 1 temple + 1 buried
3: sharom district 2 temple + 3 buried
4: pogrom forest 3 temple + 2 buried + mystic mace
5: lake jansenia 1 temple + 1 burned + rune axe
6: deneb's garden 1 temple + 2 buried
7: slums of zenobia 1 temple + 6 buried
8: island avalon 2 temple + 3 buried
9: kastolatian sea 2 temple + 0 buried
10: diaspola 3 temple + 2 buried
11: valley of kastro 4 temple + 2 buried
12: city of malano 5 temple + 10 buried
13: temple shangrila 0 temple + 6 buried
14: kalbi peninsula 1 temple + 4 buried
15: balmorian ruins 3 temple + 4 buried
16: antalia 1 temple + 4 buried
17: tundra 3 temple + 7 buried + flame sword + snow cape
18: fort allamoot 4 temple + 5 buried
19: dalmuhd desert 0 temple + 3 buried
20: ryhan sea 5 temple + 6 buried + sigmund
21: fort shulamana 1 temple + 2 buried + notos
22: shrine of kulyn 3 temple + 4 buried + boleas
23: city of xanadu 3 temple + 10 buried
24: zeteginea 3 temple + 2 buried
25: temple shalina 4 temple + 2 buried

alpha: muspelm 2 temple + 4 buried
beta: organa 2 temple + 3 buried
gamma: antanjyl 4 temple + 2 buried
delta: shiguld 0 temple + 3 buried

temple: 65 buried: 105
extra: 7 total: 177

Most temples give an item, but some do not. The main thread connecting the temples that can't give a random item is that they all give a different item entirely. The primary culprit are temples that give Zodiac Stones, but also includes Brunhild, Star of Heroes, Golden Beehive, and the Shiguld temples that give the Vitality Potion and Soul Mirror. Temples that allow recruiting a character can still give a random item so long as it doesn't also give an item at some point (Aisha's temple is no-go because Zodiac, but Rauny's and Yushis' temples can give a random).

Temples will only give a random item during the first visit to a map. Return trips won't yield items, even if the temple was left un-liberated. Temples also don't give an item if they are recaptured and then liberated again. Unit Luck seems to affect the chance of an item being found. For those using save states, save at the prompt to keep the tarot card if one is picked, or at the prompt to pick a tarot card if you don't want to pick one. (for buried treasures, save state at the "You found a buried treasure!" message)

Even excluding the final battle, there are more total items to be found than you can probably even hold. 63 inventory slots + 100 equipped slots for a full army is only 163 items, although stacking equipment in inventory will make it possible. This also excludes all non-equipment items and unique equipment (such as Durandal, Fafhniel, and Brunhild).

There are 91 total different equipment items obtainable by these methods. There are 92 total that should be findable, but the Black Katana (The first in the ID list) seems to be impossible to obtain. In the SNES version, it was the Nue's Shield, which was the last in the ID list. They fixed the Nue's Shield in this version, but broke the Black Katana in the process.

The definite items you can get, such as Mystic Mace, Rune Axe, and Boleas, are all found DURING the liberation battle, and cannot be obtained after. The exceptions are Snow Cape and Sigmund, both of which require high reputation and can only be gotten AFTER the map is completed. Obtaining the low reputation alternative to either of those items will not prevent getting them, too, so long as you return again with a high enough reputation.
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