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Martyrology 9 years ago#1
I miss playing this, one of my first SNES expierences, and still playing on the PSX. They just don't make games like they used too.
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Sin_Jackal 9 years ago#2
I wouldn't say greatest ever.. .but I really liked this game when I first got it. I bought it used for ps1 for like $40 a long time ago. Luckily it was in good condition and had the case and book still with it (a rarity nowadays, getting a used game and the condition isn't complete crap).

Played it all the way through and got the bad ending since I had the Phantom leader and used him a lot, subsequently getting really bad alignment. Didn't understand how it all worked since i was like 12. But it was really fun. Got a lot of the special characters. Then I played a second time as the girl leader right after and got the good ending. I also discovered the hidden chaos gates and thought that was like the coolest thing ever, since I felt like I discovered a big secret. Though the Dragoons didn't join me. I guess I didn't have enough room in my army and it blocked the joining process or something.

I was thinking of playing through again to get everything. Definitely a fun game.
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