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jerry_coeurl 9 years ago#1
Hey everyone (if anyone even checks this board anymore!), just recently picked this up and I'm really having a great time with it. I'm a big fan of Yasumi Matsuno's other games, I've been playing FFT basically since it came out and I just recently finished Vagrant Story for this first time and it's absolutely my favorite game on the PlayStation. FFXII is probably my favorite proper FF on the strength of the gameplay alone. I decided it was high time I checked out his earlier games, so with some extra Christmas money I snagged this bad boy off of eBay (and I have a PlayStation copy of Tactics Ogre on the way as well).

I dabbled in OB back in the days when I first discovered emulation, but it was kind of overwhelming to my 12 year old self. But it always struck me as something I would really enjoy if I could figure it out, and I was totally right! It's a perfect mix of an RTS and an RPG and it's something I could totally replay again and again without ever getting sick of. I'm one of those guys who loves endlessly tinkering with his characters, so I could spend a ton of time just on a single playthrough.

Anyway, I just beat the Deneb battle and yeah, this game is really satisfying.
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