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User Info: Idunnomyname

3 months ago#1
This isn't exactly a difficult run, but it's something I've decided to try just for the heck of it.

The Rules:

  • Apart from unit leaders, all other characters in a unit must either be; fighter, phalanx, or amazon. No exceptions.
  • If a unique character joins with a unit (eg. Ankiseth), must make the other characters in that unit either a phalanx or an amazon.
  • Unit leaders can promote to any class, but they must be in the centre of the formation, you cannot have more than one type of each class (eg. can only have one Paladin, one Sword Master, etc.).
  • Can only use equipment that matches the element of that character (if Lawful can use Virtue, if Chaotic can use bane), otherwise physical equipment only.
  • All unique characters must lead a unit (and again must be in the centre of the formation).
  • Can only deploy 6 units in battle. You can have units retreat, and deploy another unit, but only 6 units on the field max.
  • Units must go back to HQ to heal when weak/low on HP.
  • Units cannot attack on their own, they must be supported by another unit. (Legions suck, so this is to kind of represent the legion system without using the game's sucky legion system).
  • If a unit is encamped in the open, another unit must guard the camped unit.
  • Can make a ninja master unit leader when able to, but that unit can only have two regular ninjas in it. Unit must be used for scouting and defending only. No attacking other units.
  • No unit item usage except for the birthday unit items. No duping them.
  • You may have one flying unit, either lead by Sheen (if you have him, then he must lead this unit), a Raven/Vultan, or an Angel (you can only have one). Other characters in the unit must be hawkmen.
  • You may have a princess, vampire, or lich. They must be unit leaders and follow the other requirements for unit leaders.
  • You may have a beast/dragon unit. It can only have one beast/non-venerable dragon in it, and one tamer.
  • No Drakonite books.

I'm having fun with it, maybe you will too.
"What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women. That is good!"
(edited 3 months ago)

User Info: Master_Pwner

3 months ago#2
I did something similar a while back, where I could only have one of each unit type, but with a bit less restrictions (Not only leaders could be upgraded, etc.). I had great fun with it.
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