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User Info: Death Commander

Death Commander
3 months ago#21
GraphG posted...
Bought in on sale for switch. Hope it is better than trash
I had a very strong aversion to it. Complete nothing story, utterly barebones trivially easy gameplay, boring music.
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User Info: Pigeon_Senpai

3 months ago#22
There is a game on the PS2 (coming soon to PC) called Soul Nomad.

It has similar squad building as Ogre Battle but the movement phase is done on a grid in turns. I'd say to check it out.
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User Info: Master_Pwner

3 months ago#23
I have had the steam game Himeko Sutori on my wishlist for a while. Haven't tried it myself, but apparently it was inspired by the OB games.

Fated Era is also a cheap and small game with an OB-style gameplay, though I tried it and was't a fan of the procedurally generated stuff and how the classes worked.

User Info: Death Commander

Death Commander
3 months ago#24
Shame no talented writers work on video games anymore.
History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.

User Info: CKMog

3 months ago#25
Brigandine on PS4/Switch is very similar in many ways to this game.

User Info: solar0402

3 months ago#26
If you don't mind playing game in Japanese there is a game name Riot Stars on PS1. You move you unit like fire emblem but each each unit has 5 characters like Ogre Battle.

User Info: valvalis14

3 months ago#27
Check out Soul Nomad on PS2. Very underrated.

User Info: DragonBlood87

2 months ago#28
valvalis14 posted...
Check out Soul Nomad on PS2.

Also coming soon to the Switch, and Steam for PC users.
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User Info: vyseskies

1 week ago#29
Probably the closest you'll ever get from OB is Dragon Force from Sega Saturn or Brigandine from PS1
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