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User Info: Ninja4820

7 months ago#11
Zargata posted...
Thought I'd share this.
This first video I have bet you have seen at some point. Procus with standard music.

BUT this is one with an alternate boss music for Procus.

It's admittedly been a long time since I played this game (probably beat it 3-4 times over the years), but I do not remember that alternate boss music. Is that anywhere else in the game? Or am I just forgetting? Also, any idea what triggers one or the other of those two music tracks?
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User Info: mario2000

7 months ago#12
That alternate music also plays against Leia's father.

btw, I didn't know it was possible NOT to have that alternate music play against Pricus.
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User Info: THEmtg3drinks

7 months ago#13
I've definitely never heard that music before in all these years...
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