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User Info: SiegvonWal

1 year ago#11
Ashanark posted...
Some guys certainly seem more sane than others. Even Amrius, who's just sitting there alone in a room in Romulus guffawing to himself before the RA shows up, is still able to have some pretty rational conversations with both Magnus and Europea if they confront him. Much better than the "Kill... kill them all!" paladin at Blue Basilica.
I dunno, I'd assume the Infernal Aura works in "degrees" and those with stronger wills tend to be more "lucid" though still corrupted. Like Amrius, with his purple glow, doesn't exactly come off as the same guy from the beginning of Chapter 3 but rather a corrupted version of him exhibiting his most extreme character traits without his original humanity (that we don't see but he obviously wasn't the brightest, most patient, or otherwise toughest guy around seeing how he's introduced and has to resort to sneaking until he gets the IA juice).

His betrayal of the RA would've had a bit more force/meaning if we'd gotten a bit more from him. Maybe a mission where he's a guest unit like Ankiseth, or you meet him on the battlefield or something, and you see he's starting to like the CD more.
Better yet; make him recruitable under certain circumstances so the player has an investment in him on either their first or subsequent playthroughs. Either act based on his own extremeness in Chapter 2 and he'll join at the start of Chapter 4. Or, alternatively, require the player to actively go against him so that he can "saved" at Romulus or something lol. I prefer the former but the latter is more likely to occur organically for a new player and make having to kill him more shocking. The point is to make him joinable so you, the player, have a practical reason to care about him and can develop attachment like many other recruitable characters.
With a backstory like that he could've totally been a major character... yet his first scene he doesn't even get lines. Just like with Jeal, I wonder if Vapula and Amazeroth either had a lot of scenes cut due to deadlines, or else were late additions in development. Or maybe the developers just didn't care, lol.
Wow, I had no idea! It's been years since I've gone the High Chaos route but I've never had Debonair attack Vapula so... wow. I never played the original Ogre Battle but I know enough to appreciate that!

Still, given the fact this is a video game, it makes sense the writers would have to keep things a mystery here and there because they can't simply shoehorn everything in at the end or go on frequent tangents or else the main focus would likely suffer. It's also possible they planned on doing something with the remote corners of the map (especially the northwest and southeast seeing how much unused space there is!) but realized time, budget, and focus required they temper some wilder ideas. I know compared to this game, original Ogre Battle was a lot more free form with its stages and the order you could do them in. It helps that leaving mysteries tends to attract people like us who mentally fill in the blanks lol.

At the same time, it could simply be that they wanted important enemies to have a face and name but not necessarily be plot-important. After all not everybody can be Baldwin or Prufflas but it definitely helps for enemy commanders to be unique individuals for the same of drama and/or flavor. Quite a few "generic" enemy commanders before them had quite a bit of characterization, even if usually prone to one extreme or another, with Kageie the Wicked being my favorite lol.

I've played this game like 8 times over 20 years so I've put waaaaaay more thought into the story than the developers ever intended people to. But it's a good story! I keep wanting more details :P
Lol I've probably played this game at least 20 times in my lifetime! Not more than once a year since my teenage years, but still enough to memorize most of the game and its story and even come up with themes that may or may not be intended. Definitely enough to wish there was a proper sequel (at least in gameplay) though!

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1 year ago#12
Amarius was very cocky sitting in Fort Romulus, but if you ever put Magnus to challenging him, they both have quite a dialogue, where the Prince recognizes Magnus and tries to explain to him that power is everything...

User Info: EnragedSlith

11 months ago#13
It's pretty simple: Frederick is an idealist who wants to abolish class structure, and Xevec simply wants power. Magnus slowly undermines Xevec's influence in Frederick's inner circle and so the latter splits and finds cause with old enemies. If this game had been as fleshed out as Let us Cling Together, there would have probably been a path where you could do the same.
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