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User Info: skin_eater98

1 year ago#1
Having read in the Hugo Report articles 'tips', I think it was, I have been wondering how much an elemental weapon affects battle damage. In the article under tips- the name escapes me, but it had to do with elemental equipment- it stated that if you equip a character with a weapon of the element same as that character, that character does more damage in battle, and conversely, if you equip a character with a weapon opposite their element, they do less damage.
I am wondering, though, does armor affect this? Is it not just the total elemental stank you may put on a character based on their equipment, or is this strictly in weapons that it applies? I have to ask, how do you calculate how this damage factor plays out? It is stated in the article, too, that hitting on an opponent with the opposite element will do them more damage.

User Info: skin_eater98

1 year ago#2
I want to maximize offense here, but how much of a handicap is putting an oppositely-aligned weapon on your character? So if you equip a guy on your team who has a fire-alignment a fire-type weapon, it does more damage. but what if their shield is an ice one?
The whole elemental stank you put on your character directly influences their susceptibility to elements, so if you have your water-aligned Magnus equipped with all strong water equipment, he gets hit by that Clear Disaster and perishes. Can he take down the other water-aligned character, though?

User Info: SiegvonWal

1 year ago#3
It's been a while since I played but I know a few details that might help you figure it out.

Note how, if you look up elemental equipment, it'll usually have +3 to its element and -3 to its opposite. I don't know what a damage stat of 9 (Blessed Sword) has to do with raw attack power, but I do know Firedrake Sword has something like a 6 or 7 in attack power with a +3 in Fire and -3 in Water. Theoretically this means a Firedrake Sword will do SLIGHTLY more damage to an opponent weak to fire than a Blessed Sword and about the same in general while being weak against a Water-element enemy. Note that, if I recall correctly, armor works the opposite: an Ice Shield (I think) gives +3 to Fire and -3 to Water. I believe this means Ice Shield, ironically, defends against Fire while making you weaker to Water.

Theoretically a Fire character could get the best gains from both pieces of equipment but also the biggest losses, while a Water character would basically break even with it in exchange for getting few/no gains.

Perhaps you could use Alba as a test. Give a Fire element character the Firedrake Sword, have him attack a few times, then reset your game (to prevent level ups/save money/etc.) and do the same thing with Blessed Sword and/or Baldr Sword (to see if the Firedrake Sword makes a worthwhile difference relative to a weapon with more and less raw attack power). You should notice some raw attack trends.

I'm not sure how to test elemental defense though. Perhaps try to get the training battle with the Wizard in Alba to appear but save before it so you can just reset to repeat that battle (and hope the Wizard is conveniently the same or opposite element as your tester).

Hope this helps!

User Info: DragonBlood87

1 year ago#4
IIRC, elemental weaponry tends to perform substantially better than advertised.

Basically, there are two different kinds of defense values that are plugged into the damage formula. One is the defense against the type of attack (VIT for physical, MEN for magical), and one is the defense against the element of the attack ("Strike"/non-elemental, Fire, etc).

Nearly every class has neutral resistance to each of the basic four elements (and most are neutral to dark and holy, as well), but they often have higher non-elemental resistance. Additionally, armors will often increase the non-elemental resistance, but not affect the elemental resistances (unless it's an elemental armor). The effect should be even more pronounced against tanky enemies like Cataphracts, as I recall.

Edit: As for elemental equipment opposed to the character's element: It does have an effect, but I seem to recall it being inconsequentially small. Like, less than a 5% difference from a neutral element, and the same again going from neutral to matching. And from what little I recall on the subject, I think it is only the weapon (or spellbook, if the class uses one) element that affects damage.
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User Info: vyseskies

1 year ago#5
fme, virtue always does at least the same or more damage than every other elemental weapon if tied with the character's element, and Dark is actually the opposite. For example, Fire element knight with a blessed sword (9 str, virtue) will hit usually harder than a glamdring (9str, fire). Chaladholg (22str, virtue) will pretty much always hit harder than Ogre blade, even having 25 str, bane element. It's weird but it's always like this.

But in fact, equipping an opposite elemental weapon on a character is as "bad" as equiping a bane element weapon. Europea (fire element) hits noticeabelly harder with laevateinn (fire) than nephrite sword (water).

In short, for physical damage:
virtue weapons > fire/wind/water/earth tied with character's element > bane element > no element (this is the worst by far)

about defensive equipment, i never noticed a difference about equipping opposite elemental gear, so dont worry about it.

However if you want maximize damage output in the long run, keep in mind that there are some equipment that gives a *status boost upon level up*. For exemple, leveling up with a stone sword equipped, you'll always get +1 VIT.

Here's the list of most weapons who gives extra stats upon level up:

crescente +1 dex
gambantein +1 int
jormungand +1 men
airgetlam +1 int
brionac +1 hp +1 str
blood whip +1 agi
berserk +1 vit
bloody cleaver +1 hp +1 str
yu-giri +1 dex
angelic armor +1 men
saint's shield +1 men
bloodstained robe +1 int
stardust +1 agi
drakonite books +1 int
firecrest +1 ALL STATS
feather of archangel +1 agi
ring of branding +1 dex
Oracion (+1 Men)
Titania Mail (+1 Vit)
Freude Helm (+1 Men)
Rune Plate (+1 Vit)
Armor of Death (+1 Dex)
Saints Garb (+1 Hp, +1 Str)
Celestial Veil (+1 Hp, +1 Str)
Stone Sword (+1 Vit)
Purified Robe (+1 Int)

Yes, Firecrest is that broken

User Info: bostoncelticsro

1 year ago#6
i would always give my doll master the fire crest so they could be a viable unit
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User Info: skin_eater98

1 year ago#7
Here I say, are there really that many piece of equipment what carry bonuses? This is amazing.
It sounds like a good idea test-running different weapons. I should try to do this.
I know that the elemental equipment all carry values what bolster the one against what they're aligned and lower the one for what they are. ...am still a little confused about whether the bonus element attributes affect offense, but we will find out about this.
It is interesting that the damage from an elemental weapon against an opponent's (perhaps opposite) value would be relatively minor. Again, on this I need to check.
...appreciate all of the information and ideas.

User Info: skin_eater98

1 year ago#8
...recall putting a Sword of Firedrake on a water-aligned character and it seemed to do them justice. The virtue-is-higher-than-not thing ought to be tested. It would make sense to me, when you point out the difference of STR. yield between the Ogre Blade and the Chaladholg, where perhaps you're getting a bigger physical defense bonus (tried an Ogre Blade on a medium VIT. swordmaster, it worked really well) in lieu of whatever damage you see come from the other. ...don't suppose the moral alignment attribute plays into this?
Do save-state hackers not have any data on this?

User Info: DragonBlood87

1 year ago#9
skin_eater98 posted...
am still a little confused about whether the bonus element attributes affect offense
Only the element of the weapon (or spellbook, if the class uses a spellbook) should affect the damage they deal. Equipping elemental armor onto a character shouldn't affect the damage they deal to an enemy.

skin_eater98 posted...
The virtue-is-higher-than-not thing ought to be tested.
Yeah, from what I can see from the class data table, the average numbers for Virtue resistance and Bane resistance are almost identical -- if anything, the game developers were too hesitant to change elemental resistances, leaving nearly all of them in a tiny band.

skin_eater98 posted...
don't suppose the moral alignment attribute plays into this?

It wouldn't surprise me terribly much to hear that alignment affects virtue/bane damage, but I haven't heard of any testing on it.
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The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits

User Info: skin_eater98

1 year ago#10
Thank you for the information, Dragon Blood sir. I will try to implement this data...

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