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User Info: GraphG

2 years ago#11
Leia is auto-benched/zombified. I truly despise her.
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User Info: THEmtg3drinks

2 years ago#12
What is Meredia tied to stat gain wise? I've gotten her a few times super low, but idk if it's tied to Magnus or Leia levels? If it's Leia, you can easily bench her and get Rune Knight gains from lv4+ and exploit that just as well.
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User Info: Red_Maw

2 years ago#13
Take the level of neutral encounters in last area you've visited, then add 1. That's Meredia's starting level. All you need to do is visit Tenne Plains right before getting Meredia and you get her at level 3.

You can check out her average stats gains per level here: https://www.deviantart.com/gouraudpalm/art/OB64-Class-database-v1-210449692

When leveling her, consider using some of these, of course:

User Info: THEmtg3drinks

2 years ago#14
Red_Maw posted...
Take the level of neutral encounters in last area you've visited, then add 1. That's Meredia's starting level. All you need to do is visit Tenne Plains right before getting Meredia and you get her at level 3.

All these years playing and I didn't know it was tied to this. Whoa. Are there any others that utilize the same mechanics?
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User Info: Red_Maw

2 years ago#15
Nope, I believe this is a situation unique to Meredia, because she's one of the few characters who joins right before a scene, almost everyone else joins during or after a scene. Dio and Leia also join before a scene, but I suspect they come in at a fixed level. I've never investigated any of this strongly, though.

User Info: Seiichiro

1 year ago#16
Leia is just useless. She could have been less hated if she just hung out in the war room and said her lines but never went to fight. She's really only relevant when Meredia shows up or when you go visit her old home and I would have felt both events more important if I wasn't absolutely frustrated with her low damage output the whole game leading up.

User Info: Rhade

1 year ago#17
Leia or Gilbert.

With Europea or Paul you get some pretty nice gifts/ extras.

Extra unit and Starry sky with Europea and robe of the abyss and extra Lich with Paul.

Plus they both look pretty cool. And let's be honest, by this point in the game we're looking at the fashion of the unit rather than the stats... most of us can beat this game with no difficulty.

User Info: vyseskies

1 year ago#18
oldschoolduel posted...
Here are some of my contenders for the title of Worst Special Character.

Can only be acquired late in the game with low CF, and is only a generic black knight. He has a unique character model, but this was a really missed opportunity to give us a Knight Templar similar to Vad the Grappler.

Not available until chapter 4, generic beast master with unique character model. Would never waste time on him if I wasn't going for an "all zenobian" run.

She is acquired fairly late chapter 3 but I almost never make a centurion so recruiting her usually gives me a 'unique' class. In my opinion, she should have been a unique class and been given a third attack to really stand out.

Paul is kind of a bummer. One of the toughest missions in the game, missing out on both Europa and Biske for an enchanter with a unique character model. This mission also grants access to a second ring of the dead if for some reason 1 lich was not enough. At least his class has 3 attacks.

Only hawkman that can lead a unit without changing class and gives access to the decoy cap. Not too bad, but nothing too special either

Generic priest, but she comes chapter 2 and her unique model is a huge improvement over the generic priest model.

Early chapter 3, but generic siren with unique model. Not much else to say.

Acquired at the beginning of the game. However, being limited to 2 front row attacks really hinders her usefulness mid-to-late game.

I don't really count Katreda, Asnabel, Troi, or Liedel since they are all acquired at low-tier classes. If you keep them this way for their unique character models then, by virtue of strength alone, any one of them could be the worst. Asnabel and Troi give the Helm of the Fearless and Hallowed Shield at least.

My vote is Carth, he can only be acquired late game on a low CF route, so you're missing a lot of special characters. Gilbert is second in my opinion, but at least with Gilbert, you have already acquired the rest of the Zenobians.

On a side note, I am on another playthrough and just entered the ambush fight in chapter 2 at Crenel Canyon. Too bad this mechanic wasn't used more, I can still remember being genuinely surprised the first time through this.

Carth - Black Knight are always powerful, specially on late game. Also he comes with an entire Unit and a unique weapon

Gilbert - I always change him to swordmaster asap and put him somewhere. His damage Skyrockets, nearly as powerful as Destin himfself, and attacks three times. You can also just keep him and recruit 2 sphinxes, it's all good. He's a great character and shouldn't even be on this list imo.

Europea - Despite attacking only twice, she for some reason hits very hard. Specially if you equip a weapon that matches her element (usually laevateinn). Also Starry Sky is the best buckler in the game, you really can't miss her by any means.

Sheen - As you said, you can get decoy cap which is really useful. Changing him to Raven asap is also better than keep vultan because he hits very hard on late game.

Paul - As you said about the items, he's also can equip Gallant Doll, which is the best weapon in the game if you know how to grind Magnus.

Meredia - She's great because usually joins the battalion at level 14. That means she will get better level ups early on, turing out to be very powerful late game. Also Sirens are a great class (not as great as archmage though, but these are male)

Leia - The best strategy is to put her aside, and only start to level up her as soon as she enters on chapter 3. That means that she will level up from level 4 as a rune knight (freya level up boosts) which makes her really powerful! Same applies to Dio. I love doing this and it's always worth it. I do same thing with magnus too, but on chapter 4 instead. He gets as strong as Ankiseth himself actually.

now my opinion about the worst ones:

Troi - Phalanx sucks, it's advised to change him imediattly to a knight for better damage output and early acess to paladin. Hallowed shield is actually great though, for making a anti cockatrice unit (witch and paladin with this shield on back row corners, 2 paladins and a freya on front row, then just swap freya behind with said paladin against normal units due to her versatility)

Katedra - A slighty better cleric. That's it. Angel Brooch is useless imo, much better using love and piece on those angel knights. However clerics are kinda useful early game.

Liedel - a below average archer, which is terrible. At least she gives you Red Branch, which is one of the better headpieces.

So MY worst special character goes to.. Liedel. She's useless and i never find a good spot for her. Her Red Branch helps but it's not even that much help on a Diana at all. Katedra at least is very welcome on early game, it helps the batallion a lot, saving some problems.

User Info: Sanyo_182

1 year ago#19
Man, all this stuff about who sucks, and I just keep them as their unique sprites mostly cuz I value the looks over stats lol.
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User Info: skin_eater98

1 year ago#20
Liedel always struck me as a very worthwhile character, and while I almost always turned her into a Diana later in the game, I always wanted to see her (as so-and-so mentioned) a red archer. This also goes for Troi the Phalanx (a swordmaster here), Katreda (spent some time as an archeress) and Asnabel (whom I try to shift from Ninja Master to Black Knight). It seems regrettable that these character's special sprites are only viable in their intermediate jobs. Nonetheless, I've decided to put Asnabel and Liedel with Ankiseth to form a special Latium Unit...
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