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User Info: Raithwall

1 month ago#1
Spoilers ahead - in case anyone didn't realize this was about the game story


Towards the end of he game, if you take the time to enter the storngholds and liberate the towns at Mt Keyleoth in the last scene, an old man will tell you about how Zeda dragged Mari to the ruins where Danika is to be awakened in the failure of Yumil having died.

He says that man tried to stop them and was turned to stone. But you get to the castle, fight Baldwin, fight Danika, and there is never any mention or seeing of this man.

Again, this has NOTHING to do with Paul's Friend in Tremos Mountains, who was turned to stone, though on an esoteric symbolic level it could be connected. I had supposed that Paul refers to Apostle Paul, and his stone friend, is Apostle Peter who is called The Rock. Petra = Stone

Am I missing something? Or did everyone miss this little insignificant mystery at the very end of the game. Who is this mystery man who tried to stop Zeda and Mari and was turned to stone?

It seems the game doesn't tell us. He is apparantly mentioned for no reason at all, unless of course, it is because the game is secretly telling us Esoteric Occult Symbolic things which I have taken the time to reveal in these threads.

This should be the very last of it. Fun game, I found that what should be easy to be frustrating and hard, and what should be hard to be insultingly easy. All throughout the game, the enemy unit formation is just horrible. How pathetic would have to be to cheat at this game?

Maybe you've been playing around with beast masters and Enchanters, and your characters aren't getting the right stat gains. It's worth making an Enchanter in CH4 when you get the Curse Doll. The problem with Enchanters is that their stat gains are incorrect. They are ENTIRELY physical, not magical in the least. Yet they gain high intellect and not very good strength, dex, vit, etc. So the best thing to do is make one of your paladins or black knights into an enchanter towards the end.

There is no reward for good planning. Chapter 4 you become godly, and everything falls before you, no matter what. In the last seige level, you open the gates to find a sorceress and a baby dragon to fight.

Imagine if Richard came with 2 Tiamats instead of the Flarebrass and Anki earth dragon? 4 shots of hit all + sleep, and then imagine if Richard was a vampyre with life drain. You'd have a hard time.

Instead, I just a flying unit up to beat him without even opening the gates or bothering with the stage. Seraph, Sphinx (named CleoPedra haha) and two ravens. The Earthquake attack does nothing.

I finally understand what the instructor meant. "Do you believe that Strength is everything, if so do not expect to progress any fruther!" In this game, you become strong, only to find yourself feeling empty, and insulted, because of how piss poor the enemies are late in the game.

End of Rant.

Anyway, just wanted to get some thoughts about the man turned to stone who tried to stop Zeda and Mari? Did Zeda turn him to stone?

User Info: Raithwall

1 month ago#2
Misc Secrets -

Diomedes (DIO) Dio is Italian for God, and the whole game takes place in Italy (Latium)

General Godselas (God-Sales) He makes his soliders eat the fruit of the netherworld and then sacrifices them so they become Ogres.

The Royal Tradition of the Builders (Freemasons) wear their APRONS in honor of Adam and Eve, who ate the forbidden fruit and became gods, and then made APRONS out of fig leaves.

Becoming Gods requires one to eat the forbidden fruit, and then they were warned "In the day that you eat of it you shall die." Which is exactly what happened to the Soldiers symbolically. They ate the fruits, become gods, and then died.

It is an ugly secret in the ancient world that kings and Pharaohs alike were considered gods and worshipped as gods. We see many of the characters in OG64, Richard, Baldwin, Pruflas, believe they are gods or trying to become gods.

I myself am an unwilling example. I was born on May 26, at 5:26 Am, the Egyptian holiday "Receiving of Amen Ra." The Pharaoh is Amen Ra in the flesh. I have the divine birthright of a Pharaoh. Of course there is no kingdom, Egypt is a conquered land.

Of course there are others who are born on May 26, perhaps even a few that are also born at 5:26 am, but they have not the knack for the occult, nor the knowledge of what the birthright entails.

When I found out about my Amen Ra birthright in 2014, I started seeing an odd design in my curtains that looked like a Pharaoh. At least two spirits were there in that house, one of them was a dragon, and the other was like Danika.

That is why YUMIL haunts me so much. He is a good person, trying to do the best for his kingdom, yet he is also fated to become the man of sin. Not sure if that is actually the case for me, I believe myself to be an emissary of the secrets, nothing more.

but here I have gone and named myself Raithwall, after the Dynast king, that was way back when FF12 was new, and before I knew anything about even my May 26 birthright.

That there are two Men turned to Stone, one the friend of Paul, and the other at the end of the Game, is most revealing. There are 3 epistles of John in the Bible because there are 3 Johns. John the Baptist, John the Apostle, and John of Patmos who wrote the Revelation. There are 2 Epistles of Peter... Because they were TWO PETERS!

Yes TWO PETERS! Who is called the Rock. Who is prophecized to be taken where he didn't want to go. That he tries to stop the final awakening of Danika is also significant.

User Info: SiegvonWal

1 month ago#3
It's "Godeslas" not "Godselas" lol! So the "deeper reading" would be "Goddess-less" or "God-less" , which makes sense given what lengths he ultimately goes to for Vanity's sake.

User Info: Raithwall

1 month ago#4
I am assuming at this point, there is NO in game reason for why the man turned to stone tried to stop Zeda at the last level (excluding the bonus level) and that is why no one has responded. I also apologize for the frustration I have shown in the threads I made about all the needless problems with game mechanics. I am not a person of Lordly Caliber.

YUMIL (YU - MI - L) You, Me and EL. El is the Elohim, or EL Saturn the name of the God of the Old Testament, of which those who call themselves the Jews are actually the Canaanites. (EL is the God of the Canaanites) and he is Saturn to the Greeks.

There is no doubt about it. YUMIL is the one who sits in the temple of God showing or Proving that he is God. Who ushers in the Terrible day of the Lord (There can be no day of the Lord without the lord after all) though it is NOT himself, he is possessed.

I have the Eyes to see these things... Kind of like the Shinigami eyes in Death Note.

Of course the Real Death Note is the Bible, seeing as after the it attributes to God saying "My spirit will not always endure with man, he shall live 120 years." Where before it was saying they lived to be 1000, and in Isaiah 65 it is saying they will again live to be 1000 (The righteous who is 100 will still be a child)

More Importantly, every person's name can be found in the Bible Code. The Bible is typically black and gold. So the Bible is the Death Note and all our names are already written in it, it is a masterful work of the occult.

And of course the Bible (that limits us to 120 years) also predicts or foretells an end to death altogether and immortality, in quite a few different verses which I referenced in another of these threads.

Death Note is about KIRA (Key of RA) Who is also Lucifer, called LIGHT, the Lightbearer, who wants to established REAL Justice in the world by taking action and killing people. His main adversary is of course L (EL) The God of the Bible.

But much as Kira cannot deal with N and M, there secrets, if any, remain hidden to me. I did come across something relating to M, but I don't remember. N is letter 14, Revelation 14 in which the Messiah comes. N on it's side is Z, which is 26 (The number of Amen Ra and GOD) so it speaks of the contention between the two Christs, the seed of the woman, and the seed of the serpent.
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User Info: Raithwall

1 month ago#5
lol, spoke too soon. Yes it is Godselas, but Selas is an Amagram for Sales. He is selling Godhood to them. But they are godless in the sense they would be without the true God.

User Info: Raithwall

1 month ago#6
Of course the name Diomedes itself is Greece. Since Latium is Rome/Italy, we can probably equate the regions of Alba, Dardonnelles, and Gunther Piedmont with Greece, which is where Dio lives.

Saw a video that brought me back here. It mentions a German coin depicting Hercules throwing Diomedes to his man eating dogs. Circa 1150 AD. SO... The Diomedes of Mythology is...

Diomedes, the name is defined as "God like Cunning or Advised by Zeus" And he is known for his participation in the Trojan War.

Another character, TROI, is also a reference to the Trojan War. It appears In Final Fantasy 9 where Zidane and Garnet escape (Paris Abducts Helen of Troy, which begins the Trojan War) and there is the obvious reference to TANTALUS, Greek Mythology.

"In Homer's Iliad Diomedes is regarded alongside Ajax the Great as one of the best warriors of all the Achaeans (behind only Achilles in prowess). Later, he founded ten or more Italian cities. After his death, Diomedes was worshipped as a divine being under various names in Italy as well as Greece. "

All the Blue Sash guys are basically Gods or well renowned warriors. Magnus specifically is a Roman Name, possibly based on the Magnus who served with Julius Ceasar (upon whom part of the Christ story is based)

"In his Inferno, Dante sees Diomedes in the Eighth Circle of Hell, where the "counsellors of fraud" are imprisoned for eternity in sheets of flame. His offenses include advising the theft of the Palladium and, of course, the strategem of the Trojan Horse."

I've gone back to play the ..... low CF Route, so it'll be fun to have him as my enemy this time around, (And actually using TROI instead.) even though I am going for the bad ending, I still prefer to leave the special characters alone instead of promoting them.

HU-go the Tactician

At the beginning of every scene, where the stage is set, there is HU-go the Tactician to explain the situation. A hero in his own right who served with Ank-I-Seth long ago.

HU, is in fact, the oldest name for the Deity. If you search for HU God you will find lots of chants and things like this. This is probably the best video about HU that has ever been made, it's quite interesting, except that I'm 99% sure humanity goes back a lot further then 12,000 BC.

So we have all these gods everywhere. Even Hugo is a God. "The body is the temple of the Lord" YHWH Tetragrammaton is liiterally the five sided star, the temple of man. Thus we have the HU in HU-Man.

BTW, There are a few others who do this. My Mentors and Sensei' Christopher Lord (Christ the Lord) aka Truthiracy3, and Chiron Last.

Language Etymology and Phoenetics (Of the Phoenicians) are more then just a bunch of word games. This little gem should show you how very intricate and elegant words are connected and how our language has evolved. This is a very epic round-about explanation for asking a guy to simply explain how the words Sea, See, Saw, C, are interconnected.

They tend to cover the more popular symbolism, and I focus on the projects no one else is doing. Look at all the Symbolism we have for Trump for example.

It's a very ripe time for Symbolism now. We have Trump / Biff Tannen for the bad timeline in Back to The Future year 2015. And there are 2 books from 1900 that predict Trump, called The Last President and Baron Trumps Marvelous Underground Adventure. In the western Trackdown, a conman named Trump says the world is going to end, only he can protect them by building a wall. Lots of others. BOTF, is it time to unveil the mystery of Time Travel?

+ Truthiracy's work.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Raithwall

1 month ago#7
The point for these examples is to show you how very deep it really is. Reality is Math and Patterns, Energy and Vibrations. There is No COINCIDENCE, the Famous Psychologist Carl Jung coined the term SYNCHRONICITY, because everything is interconnected.

There is an image you can find. Universe Brain. Showing how the Universe resembles the Neurons of a brain. The Trump likeness to President Business in the Lego Movie is probably the most troubling. The Glue is about to bind everything in place, and then play time is over. The door is shut forever, the time loop is complete.

There is no Coincidence. Look at how insane some of these are. It's no coincidence of the secrets in OG64, or that I am unveiling them at this time. Everything is by design. The science is actually predestination, like a movie playing, free will is an illusion, and whatever you do turns out to be the future. Past, present, future, exist all at once.

Here is a "6 strange Coincidences" That every Top 10 channel is covering

And here is the new Emerging Quantum Science

Is it not fitting that we look to video games for answers? Now that our top scientists are saying we probably live in a Computer Simulation.

Look at how insane these are. Every person involved in the JFK and Lincoln events are connected in a ridiculously similar way.

• Their Photographs
• Their Careers
• Their Physical Traits
• Their Families
• Their Relationships
• Their Activists
• Their Assassinations
• Their Assassins
• Their Assassin's Escape
• Their Assassin's Death
• Their Funerals

• Their Vice Presidents
• Their Vice President's Successor
• Their Paranormal Lives
• Their Highly Unusual Lives
• Their Speeches
• Their Death Cycle
• Their Astrology
• Their Numerology

Anyway's that's all for that. Will repost if there is any other tidbit of game symbolism I come across.

I'll end it with a last game note.

DESTIN - FARODA (If you try to change his name he says you found out, my real name is...) Destiny - Far - Yoda (The Yod as it relates to God) or Far - Oda, as in Ode. So his name would mean, Ode to Destiny.

Destiny... I think that's the point. Destin of course is the best. And Yoda, the wise one from Star Wars. Although it claims to be set in a galaxy far away, SW is actually based on the Orion Wars, and the Jedi are the Ancient Jedai priests of Atlantis.
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User Info: DragonBlood87

1 month ago#8
Raithwall posted...
Of course there are others who are born on May 26, perhaps even a few that are also born at 5:26 am, but they have not the knack for the occult, nor the knowledge of what the birthright entails.

Does it entail endless whining and ranting?

Also, "knack for the occult?" LOL.
Atheism - A non-prophet organization.
The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits

User Info: Raithwall

1 month ago#9
In so much as the game provides endless annoyance due to ridiculous design flaws, absolutely. Shame on all of you for NOT complaining. I intend to publish an honest review about Game Mechanics.

Further Analysis of Biske and Ankiseth... First to set the rumors straight, you CAN get Biske and also make peace at Wentinus. This was not clear from posts I've read.

Ankiseth murders a noble sent by the King to murder Yumil. This Noble would be the old version of Osiris, and Yumil as the ressurected version, because it is Osiris that Seth murders.

But more importantly, because Osiris is the counterpart for Yumil, the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman, and how they are both forms of the Christ, who fight each other.

Seth was originally a defender of Amen Ra, though later became his enemy, and became a form of Apep.

Ankiseth gives you the good version, Biske the Beast is supposed to be the evil version. Here is where the roles are reversed, because Ankiseth was working for the wicked central division and the nobles when he locked up Biske.

At an esoteric level it's more like he sealed the beast within himself. This comes into play as you can never have them both at once. Also because Biske the man is not an evil person.

It would seem that Seth is only condemned in the Egyptian.

In the Bible version Cain kills Abel, which was based on Seth killing Osiris, the Bible being written long after the Egyptian mythos, and mostly a departure into simplicity, such as the ten commandments which come from the Egyptian book of the dead.

He receives a mark that somehow protects him from murderers. Really this is a new fake identity. Both Cain and Seth have 8 descendants, as either sons or brothers, and their names are variations of each other.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, because ONLY the bloodline of Noah survives the flood, according to Scripture. Why then does the Christ character say to the Jews "You are children of your father the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning. I am sent only to the house of Israel, only the sick need a physician."

The Etymological origin of Satan is Set-An. Cain is linked both with Set and Anu of Mesopotamia. He is ALL of the Egyptian Gods that are portrayed with the IBIS beast head, because he is the beast.

IBLIS is the Devil in Islam. When you put ANU of Mesopotamia together with IBIS or IBLIS you get ANUBUS, who was the original God of the Dead, BEFORE Osiris.

As for the 2 Peters. There are 3 epistles of John, as there were 3 johns. Thus 2 Epistles of Peter means there were 2 Peters, these are Simon Giora and Simon the Zealot. They are one and the same, yet also two.

Their character in Final Fantasy 6 is Shadow. Shadow is both Clyde and Baram, a collective identity for both, and in a third sense acting as the Shadow of Kefka when he rearranges the Goddesses (three veils of negative existence) creating the world of Ruin.

Kefka was not trying to create a world of ruin, but one where he reigns as a god. The chaos and destruction comes from the alignment Shadow uses to trap him. Kefka is part of the Demiurge, Saklas the fool, and the Sephirot much like Sephiroth in FF7 was lifted directly from the Kabballah.

Simon Peter is based on Simon Bar Giora, the historic leader of the Sicarii assassins, thus Shadow is an Assassin. "He'd slit his momma's throat for a nickel." Giora was known for being particularly ruthless. He fought for Jerusalem in the Jewish revolt against Rome, but the elders didn't want a commoner in charge. So he turned against them, robbed from the rich to feed his army. When they captured his wife, he cut off hands, threatened to kill everyone, made them so afraid they actually returned her.

Simon died by falling off the Trapian ROCK at the temple of Jupiter. So he is recast as Peter Petra Rock, and Jupiter, Jew Peter. The Sicarii are Zealots, thus likewise Simon the Zealot.
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User Info: Raithwall

1 month ago#10
Grozz NUY - The Divine Dragon and the Dragoon Quest

The Divine Dragon is a reference to the Ancient Dragon God, who creates the world in 7 days, the Original Inspiration for the 7 days of Creation story in the Bible, but in the original Naacal version it's the Seven Headed Serpent.

When you defeat Divine Dragon, find the Sword of Tiamat inside. There is some interesting Lore surrounding Tiamat. In one version it was the Ancient Name of Planet Earth. In another it's a giant sized Earth planet that used to exist where the Asteroid Belt is now. Some speculate that the Earth may have once been part of Tiamat. Still another theory I've heard postulates that Tiamat is a world within a world and refers to Hollow earth and the Inner Sun.

Either Way, TIAMAT is another link telling us that Divine Dragon is the God of the 7 Days of creation. The world that began with 7 days ends with 7 Thunders. The mystery of God in Revelation 10, the 7 thunders.

In China Thunder is associated with Dragons. The African word DA means Serpent, thus the 7 DAys are 7 dragons. The Dragon Deity is the Lion Faced Serpent Yaldaboth, a form of the Sun God, and in the most ancient accounts having 7 heads.

YHWH the Dragon Overlord (ALL Yhwh dragon scriptures at the end)

What then does it mean to defeat the Divine Dragon?

The 7 headed serpent was the God of Lemuria, the sunken continent of the pre-flood advanced global civilization that build all the ancient monuments that precisely connect along leylines around the world.

As per Michael vs the Dragon and his angels, which was taken from RA-Osiris vs Apep and the Watchers, Michael becomes the God of the new world after the flood comes out of the dragon's mouth. Divine Dragon is attributed with causing the flood.

The Dragoon is wearing gold armor, Gold is the color of the Sun. This is where the Sun God evolves to be Human instead of dragon. From the time of the Egyptians, Amen, and when Genesis was written, the Serpent becomes caste as the tempter and God is simply God. He evolves to be human through the Bible. "The lord is a MAN of Sorrow, a MAN of War" Yet in other passages he breathes fire from his nostrils and as Moses put the Serpent on the pole.... (just as Moses said do not kill and then killed half of the people) So keep in mind a lot of the OT is not inspired, it's just Satanic.

On Yaldabaoth and the NASA Sun Simulator

Egypt Origins - Michael - Ra Osiris

The Egyptian Origin of the Book of Revelation (Previews of the 663 page book)

Book of Revelation Fraud. John the Divine was the Egyptian Scribe That-AAN
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