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User Info: RiseAgainstNerd

8 years ago#1
My older brother and my dad both had made references to this game that I didn't understand because I had never played it and we didn't know where it was. Yesterday, though, it was uncovered and I finally had a chance to play it and I have to say - it's fun.

However, after playing the game for about five hours (and stalling because I had no PlayStation-compatible memory card and was waiting for my older brother to lend me his), happy with my progress, I soon found myself staring at a frozen screen.

I still want to fling my PS2 against the wall.
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Dahlia: "It's a boat. It's like a car, but on water."

User Info: Shotgunnova

8 years ago#2
That'll happen...
Take me down from the ridge where the summer ends
And watch the city spread out just like a jet's flame

User Info: JoetheUndying

8 years ago#3

The upside is that if you play to that point again, you might find some secret areas you weren't aware of.

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