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User Info: ethylenebrown

8 years ago#1
I've been playing Abe's Oddysee on my PS3 and for the life of me can't get the rolling and running thing going. If I try to roll while running there's a long pause where abe decides to crouch down and I end up slog chow. Anybody else having this problem with the PSN version? Do you just have to be more delicate with your button mashing?

User Info: micro761

8 years ago#2
That's a common problem I had in the past but I don't recall clearly because I've played that game years ago but i will try to explain to you.

While running you need to press the crouch button at the same time to start spinning, hit again and Abe will resume normal running.

I hope this helps.
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User Info: JoetheUndying

8 years ago#3

Might just be the nature of running the game on ps3. I remember switching the disk to ps2 and then having an easier time jumping some of the chasms.

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