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User Info: uffbulle

5 years ago#1

So this is an old review, but since I've just now played the game and am close to finishing it, there are several factual errors here that I'd like to go through and correct the reviewer on:
"The only "effect" items you can hold are a single health and magic potion"

Besides these, you can buy more items such as the escape gem, an artifact that replenishes your MP over time, an enemy character's diary which gives you a different perspective on previous events, and... slippers that (afaict) just make a silly sound when equipped. And while they aren't items, you do gain abilites during the course of the game that clearly effect the environment and how you travel through it. One of them is the running tackle.

"Action RPGs for the Nintendo Entertainment System had more depth than this; for an end-of-cycle Saturn game, it's nearly unforgivable."

While it is a more shallowly designed game than say, Zelda 3, I think it's on par with the average 16-bit game in complexity and has more of it (albeit in optional challenges) than for example Alcahest (SFC) or Soul Blazer (SNES). It's also _not_ an end-of-cycle Saturn game, it's a translation/localisation of a 1995 Saturn game and therefore the opposite - a beginning-of-cycle Saturn game.

"Graphically, the game is simple and unimpressive"

There's a degree of subjectivity here, but for 1995, I think the transparency and weather effects, large sprites and screen filling spell effects were a cut above what most players had seen on consoles before.

"as the Saturn game is itself a port of an earlier Super Nintendo title."

This is just plain wrong though. The Saturn game was released one month before the SNES/SFC game, and they aren't even in the same genre; the latter is an RPG with turn based battles. It's more likely that the games were developed at the same time and ended up similar in some ways due to drawing from the same source material. Even if it was a SNES port, that wouldn't mean it would necessarily be graphically simple either.

"Despite this graphic simplicity, the game still inexplicably suffers from slowdown."

I think this is a legitimate complaint considering the rest of the Saturn's 2D library and Sega themselves developing it, but it should be mentioned that WD did remove some of the slowdown for this localised version.

"While the Japanese title had voice acting in all major plot sequences, the US version does not."

According to what I've read, WD removed the voice acting by minor NPCs in towns, to speed up the gameplay flow since every single character was voice acted in the original game and you couldn't skip lines. From what I've played (I'm at the last area), there's maybe one or two scenes involving the main protagonists and antagonists where there is no voice acting and they aren't major plot sequences.

"This is the way the Saturn ends, not with a bang but a whimper."

Oh the drama. Well, it is true that this was the commercial end from a US perspective, but this sort of comment makes we wonder. Why was he so eager to declare the system's 'death', even going so far as to twist the facts to give his point more weight?

Anyway, those were my initial thoughts after reading the review. Is there anything I got wrong or that you'd like to add?
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