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User Info: Llort123

9 years ago#1
Sooooooo, who else here has not played or even heard of Magic Knight Rayearth?
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User Info: noidentity

9 years ago#2
I own the US version and have played through it in its entirety. I have no real reason to come to these boards as there really isn't much to discuss about this game.

User Info: raichudl

9 years ago#3
Read the manga and know of the anime.
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User Info: GoukanoMegami

9 years ago#4
Soooo I had no idea this came out in the states. I bought the import (and a Japanese Saturn) a few years ago. I finally got the Saturn working, and I'm planning on finally playing through this. I have a question about the US version, is it dubbed? Very curious here. Thanks :)
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